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What do I do if I need support?


Whenever we do something, there are bound to be challenges and you will need support. The person you are most likely to ask is your Form Tutor, but there are other people who can help too. Additionally, our aim is to help you become more independent so that you can solve problems yourself, so have a look at some of this information and see what solutions you can come up with!

Common scenarios

What are the most common challenges that you will face when you come to Bexley Grammar School? How can you deal with these problems? 

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Mrs Haslam is the Head of SEND within the school (you can find out more about her in the welcome section). You have seen her office in the school tour (The S Rooms), but the main SEND Office is up inside the Staff Room. The SEND staff are there to help all students, but in particular those who need a little extra support in lessons, so don't be surprised to see an extra adult in your class from time to time. Additionally, SEND work closely with the Peer Mentors and would usually visit as many primary schools as possible over the Summer Term. When they make these visits, they answer any questions and hand out this Transition Booklet to help students. Hopefully, all of your questions have been answered by this induction, but if they haven't, please make sure you make a note of your question and ask your form tutor on your first day. If it's really urgent, please ask you parent(s)/guardian(s) to contact the school.

Peer mentors


We are a group of friendly Year 13 students who are here to help! We can provide you with support with a variety of issues such as: organisation, homework, friendship problems or anything else you would like help with

If you feel that you need to talk to someone, feel free to speak with us. Contact in confidence from September: or look out for our smiley face badges around school. 




My name is Jenni and I am a Peer Mentor at Bexley Grammar School. I love reading (as I hope many of you do too) and want to study English Literature next year at University. It’s a shame we haven’t been able to meet sooner but I’m really looking forward to getting to know so many intelligent young people!  

Hello! My name is Matthew, and I will be a Peer Mentor! Things that I enjoy include football, martial arts and listening to music. I aim to help the new Year 7s in their transition to the school, and to provide a friendly face for them to approach whenever necessary. Keep safe in these times!

Hi,I'm Molly. In my spare time I like to sew and make clothes  - but my favourite subjects are Science and Maths! As a Peer Mentor I will be here to help you whenever you might need it,  or just a friendly face to help you find your way around BGS. I look forward to seeing you soon!

My name’s Jason and I’ll be a Peer Mentor next year. I like to play sports, football and basketball in particular, and listen to music in my spare time. In my position, I want to do my best to make sure everyone that needs a helping hand or a friendly ear, has one. I know how reassuring a familiar face is. See you in September!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm one of the Peer Mentors at Bexley Grammar. Some of the subjects I study are Physics, Italian, and Anthropology but in my free time, I like to write and draw. I also help run the LGBTQ+ Alliance and I'm part of the school magazine. I look forward to meeting you in September!

Hi guys! My name is Brenda and Year 12 was my first year here at BGS. I study Higher Politics, English Literature and Film. In my free time, I really like to watch films and series and play the guitar, which I’ve been learning since I was in Year 7.  I really wanted to be a Peer Mentor to help you guys with anything that you may need and make sure that you enjoy BGS.

My name is Tosin, and I’m a Peer Mentor. I love to sleep, eat and watch anime.As a Peer Mentor, I hope to be another friendly face during your Year 7 transition.I’m eager to be meeting you all and getting to know you better and hope you guys are all keeping safe.

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I will be one of the Peer Mentors who will help your transition from Year 6 to Year 7. I enjoy playing sports and BGS offers many after school sports clubs for you to join and take part in. I look forward to meeting you in September!

Hello, my name is Luca and I am one of the Peer Mentors at bexley grammar school. My hobbies are playing football and eating. As a Peer Mentor, I hope to get to know you and help you make the transition to secondary school, which I know can be scary.

Hello, my name’s Madison and I’m currently a Year 12 student studying at Bexley Grammar School. I’m really looking forward to working with you throughout the next year and hope to help you have an easy and smooth transition into secondary school.

Hi, I'm Grace and I'm currently 17. My favourite colours are pink and black (a weird combination I know) and some of my interests are netball, maths and generally having fun! I'm really looking forward to meeting you when school starts and I hope that as a Peer Mentor I can help with any issues that you might have, whether it's making friends or struggling with homework. I can't wait to see you in September! 

Hi. I’m Aisha, I am caring and friendly. ! I want to help everyone get settled into Year 7 and feel welcomed at BGS. I can't wait to see everyone and am just as excited for the new school year!

Hi, my name is Ash and I am in Year 13. As a Peer Mentor, my role will be to use my experience and knowledge of life in BGS to give you advice, support, and answer any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you all!

My name is Laween and I enjoy watching videos, playing games and exercising. I am really looking forward to being a Peer Mentor and to meeting you all and can't wait to become a friendly face for all of you and create a friendly environment where we can freely talk and discuss any issues.​​​​​

 Hi, I’m Samantha - one of the many Peer Mentors looking forward to meeting you! I’ve been a BGS student for the past six years, and whilst it has been a rollercoaster, I’ve found my journey very rewarding and have made amazing friends here. I love being out in nature, exploring new places, and learning new creative skills, and I can’t wait to hear about all of your wonderful interests too. I hope I can become someone you feel comfortable enough to approach with any questions or worries you have after joining us!

Hi, I’m Alex and I have always been interested in positions of assistance, which is why I applied to be a Peer Mentor, and also why I have a part time job as a tutor for 11+ and GCSE students. My interests are very academic, and so I am looking forward to helping students to understand their work as best as possible.

My name is Lara, my interests are animals and sports. I am very much looking forward to being a mentor as I can’t wait to spread positivity and help you in any way I can, I would also like to as a Peer Mentor encourage you to get involved in different things and try new activities and make sure your school experience is enjoyable and have as much fun as possible! I’m very excited to meet the students I will be working with and hope they enjoy our weekly meetups!

Hi, I'm Alex, a Year 13 student at BGS who was once in your shoes! I am looking forward to meeting you in September as I know you will love it. If you have any problems or questions someone will always be here to help and I am looking forward to helping you settle into BGS.  I enjoy fitness (especially walking my dog) and of course meeting my friends! I hope you are as excited to come to BGS as we are to have you. See you in September!


Advice from current year 7 students

Mr Martin and Miss Fuwa spoke to current Year 7 students to ask them what advice they would give to students joining this September. 

Click  here here to find out what they had to say.


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Emily Ross, a current Year 12 student  set up Only7Seconds when she was in Year 11. There are so many outstanding messages and many of their values are going to be part of the ethos that I, Miss Fuwa and your Form Tutors will instil in you. Here’s a flavour of what to expect. - Mr Martin June 2020


In October 2019 I started working for an organisation called Only7Seconds, which aims to reduce isolation in today’s society, and encourage people to make themselves and others feel better, by being kind and spreading positivity. Our phones and social media can be used for so many things, and sometimes these things are not great  for our mental health, so we at Only7Seconds are taking action and using our phones for good, as they hold so much positive potential They mean that you can contact your friends and family whenever and wherever to tell them how much they mean to you and that you love them, and that is something that everyone needs to hear.

The Only7Seconds club here at Bexley Grammar is the very first one in the UK, since the movement started all the way over in America! At the club meetings we help each other by talking and taking part in fun activities. Some things planned for this coming year at the Only7Seconds group include : a t-shirt design competition, our plant positivity movement and taking part in Only7Seconds positive post-it challenge, just to name a few.

We are reachable on many different platforms if you need help, want to talk to someone or want to join something amazing. We are on instagram and facebook @only7seconds, or our website . You could also contact me (the UK regional rep) in school or come along to club meetings that are held in G2 every Tuesday week B.

I Am Someone Who …

Complete the sentences below to share more about yourself!


I am someone who loves ________________________________________________________

I am someone who can’t  _______________________________________________________

I am someone who can  ________________________________________________________

I am someone who will never ___________________________________________________

I am someone who can’t wait to ________________________________________________

I am someone who wishes _______________________________________________________

I am someone who has tried to  ________________________________________________

I am someone who doesn’t know how to  ________________________________________

I am someone who is thankful for  _______________________________________________

I am  _______________________________________________________________________________


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