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Available at Higher and Standard Level

The aims of the programme in Theatre Arts are to help students understand the nature of the theatre; to understand it by making theatre as well as by studying theatre; to understand it not only with their minds but with their senses, their bodies and their emotions; to understand the forms it takes in cultures other than their own; and through this understanding better to understand themselves, their society and their world.

Although the Theatre Arts programme is divided into parts, there are strong links between them; the programme of study aims to teach the course holistically. 

This course would be suit

  • Students who have a passionate interest in the world of the theatre both from a historical and practical perspective. 
  • Students will need plenty of energy and a genuine enthusiasm to take part in performance 
  • Creative students, with an interest in Performing, directing and/ or designing
  • Students looking to develop their interpersonal ‘soft’ skills such as teamwork, communication, presenting, leadership, commitment, problem solving skills, the ability to work under pressure and self-confidence that come from performance. These are vital life and work skills that impress employers in later life.
  • Students with intellectual ability to research and analyse texts into exciting and innovative performances. 
  • Those looking for a career in the entertainment industry, Marketing, Law or any job requiring presentation skills and/ or teamwork

Theatre aims

SL and HL aims to enable students to:

  1. Explore theatre in a variety of contexts and understand how these contexts inform practice (theatre in context) 
  2. Understand and engage in the processes of transforming ideas into action (theatre processes)
  3. Develop and apply theatre production, presentation and performance skills, working both independently and collaboratively (presenting theatre)

For HL only: 

  1. Understand and appreciate the relationship between theory and practice (theatre in context, theatre processes, presenting theatre).

Assessment tasks

Task 1: Solo theatre piece (HL only) 

Students at HL research a theatre theorist they have not previously studied, identify an aspect(s) of their theory and create and present a solo theatre piece 

(4–8 minutes) based on this aspect(s) of theory. 

  • SL- N/A
  • HL- 35%

Task 2: Director’s notebook (SL and HL) 

Students at SL and HL choose a published play text they have not previously studied and develop ideas regarding how it could be staged for an audience. This is presented in a 20 page notebook

  • SL- 35%
  • HL- 20%

Task 3: Research presentation (SL and HL) 

Students at SL and HL plan and deliver an inpidual presentation (15 minutes maximum) to their peers in which they outline and physically demonstrate their research into a convention of a theatre tradition.

  • SL- 30%
  • HL- 20%

Task 4: Collaborative project (SL and HL) 

Students at SL and HL collaboratively create and present (Devise) an original piece of theatre (lasting 13–15 minutes) to a specified target audience, created from a starting point of their choice. 

  • SL- 35%
  • HL- 25%

Quotes from current and past students:

“I've settled amazingly in University. It's such a wonderful place and I love everything about it. The course is brilliant and I find myself far ahead of everyone else thanks to the IB Theatre diploma and the Theatre knowledge I learnt at Bexley Grammar over the last two years”

 “The IB Theatre course has shown me that there is so much more to the world of theatre (not just in England but across the world). This course is so different from the GCSE and I find myself enjoying picking up scripts to read for fun, to enrich my learning and feel more aware of the world of Theatre.”

 “I really enjoy the IB Theatre as it really challenges me, and also knowing I am able to develop my acting and directing abilities.”