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Student Success



I graduated with a first from Imperial College London and moved to Oxford University where I am very close to finishing a PhD in Laser and Plasma Physics.  My greatest achievement is that I have just accepted a coveted five year position as a research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.  

Alex, PhD in Laser and Plasma Physics, University of Oxford (BSc at Imperial College London)

I managed to gain a place on the 4 year MRes + PhD British Heart Foundation studentship at the University of Glasgow, one of 5 successful applicants.  I have presented my research at national and international conferences and published an article in an international journal.  I have travelled internationally to work in collaborator laboratories.  The IB programme set me up for my university and postgraduate studies/research excellently, particularly with regards to workload management and the extended essay.  

Jack, PhD in Cardiovascular Sciences University of Glasgow (BSc in Pharmacology & Physiology) (MRes in Translational Medicine)

I have worked for London Ambulance Service for the past 4 years and am currently working towards an MSc in Paramedic Science.  The IB taught me the importance of time management and how to become an independent thinker which is crucial for my role.  Through CAS activities I was given the opportunity to talk and interact with many different people, which helped with my confidence later when dealing with patients.  I found teachers were always supportive and encouraged me to work hard even when I lacked motivation and for that I am very grateful. 

Eleanor, BSc Paramedic Science, University of Hertfordshire

My greatest achievement since leaving BGS is being accepted on to a highly competitive Forensic Psychology MSc, I will also soon be commencing my dream career as a Police Detective through a graduate scheme!  My time at BGS definitely helped me shape my career through the hard work of the amazing Psychology department.  Furthermore, the IB was a great help during University as I had experience writing a long essay due to the extended essay, which certainly made my dissertation a less daunting task!  I also had the opportunity to mix with a wide range of diverse people at BGS which has been invaluable throughout life.

Hannah, MSc Forensic Psychology, Goldsmiths (BSc at QMUL)

I have been accepted onto the highly competitive NHS scientist training programme to train in Embryology.  BGS gave me the environment to learn and taught me how hard work can help you achieve your goals. 

Laura, MSc Reproductive Medicine, University of Kent (BSc in Biology) 

I am a software engineer, under 30 and earning close to 6 figures.  Being a successful woman in tech can be scary and daunting but I got here with a lot of ambition and determination. My passion and knowledge began at BGS.  

Laura, BA Fine Art, University of Aberystwyth

I went on to study two subjects at university that I really loved and excelled at when I was at BGS.  The foundation for loving my subjects came from the good start that was built at BGS and the outstanding teaching I received during my 7 years there.  Since leaving BGS, I have lived abroad in Germany for 6 months as part of my degree's year abroad and this was a big achievement for me.  I'm due to live in Spain for 2 months for a further part of my degree, and the confidence to be able to do this was definitely built from my time at BGS. 

Victoria, BA in German and Spanish 

Doing the IB at BGS really set me up for the university style of work.  Lots of self-learning and the transition was very smooth.  My higher subject teachers helped shape what I was interested in for my professional training year at uni, and helped massively in my psychological research which earned me two published papers before I was 25 years old. 

Brittany, BSc in Medical Science, University of Exeter

I played American football in College and represented Great Britain American Football team when I came back to England, shortly after winning the Britbowl with London Warriors.  I played most sports while at school and would attribute my work ethic to what I learned at BGS as part of those teams. 

Ben, Quantity Surveying, Missouri Western State University followed by Greenwich University

This past year I have been on the front line for the COVID-19 response working in a big London hospital which has now been named a COVID centre of excellence.  In the first wave I was helping ICU step downs to regain their function and independence.  Through the second wave I worked on ICU helping people to breathe with chest physiotherapy.  My time at BGS helped me through this by teaching me resilience and most importantly friendship

Madelaine, BSc in Physiotherapy, King's College London