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Student Agreement

Bexley Grammar School is a high achieving, oversubscribed school with highly committed, well qualified staff, excellent resources and Specialist Status in Languages and Science with Mathematics.

It offers a wealth of extra curricular activities, all of which go toward providing an enriching educational experience for our students.

A. Our Aims and Expectations

  • To promote academic excellence
  • To develop the personal and academic abilities of all our students
  • To ensure that every student successfully participates in all aspects of the school community (sports, music, drama, art, languages and the environment)
  • To develop the leadership potential of all students through the setting of high standards of behaviour, appearance, achievement and endeavour
  • To take an active role in leadership of the school
  • To take responsibility for own learning
  • To promote the school ethos to younger students ~ leading by example in your attitude to learning and your behaviour

B. Entry Procedure into Year 12

All students entering the Sixth Form follow a two-year International Baccalaureate programme.

We require:

  1. A minimum grade 5 in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics
  2. A minimum average GCSE point score of 44 in their best 8 full GCSEs which must include English and Maths. (Point score is based on the new GCSE grades 9 to 1.)

In addition the following are requirements for specific subjects:

  • Individual Higher subject requirements: Grade 8 at GCSE to study Mathematics. Grade 6 to study English. Grade 7 to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Spanish, Italian; grade 6 for all other subjects.

The school determines which grades are required when a subject requested has not been taken at GCSE (eg. Economics, Business Management, Theatre Studies, etc).

C. Entry into Year 13

To continue into Year 13, students will be expected to have achieved at least a level 3 in each IB subject and a total of 24 points in Part One Examinations at the end of Year 12.

D. Attendance and Punctuality

The Sixth Form is seen as a flagship for the school, leading by example in terms of attitude to learning, attendance and punctuality. The average attendance level in the school is 96.8% therefore the Sixth Form should be striving to achieve this and beyond.

E. Attitude to Learning

  • All Private Study sessions are to be used effectively and appropriately for independent study
  • In the absence of a member of staff, students are expected to complete work set in the timetabled room

F. Dress Code

  • All students should be wearing a smart blazer/suit jacket at all times;

  • Girls should be wearing either skirt suits or trouser suits with blouses or shirts

  • Boys should be wearing suits and ties and shirts;

  • Dresses, denim and leggings are not permitted;

  • Trainers are not permitted;

  • Skirts should be knee-length and of smart appearance. Short stretchy skirts are unacceptable;

  • A smart jumper is optional but must be worn underneath a suit jacket; it does not replace a suit jacket or blazer.

All students agree to adhere to the Sixth Form Dress Code.