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Student Agreement

Bexley Grammar School is a high achieving, oversubscribed school with highly committed, well qualified staff, excellent resources and Specialist Status in Languages and Science with Mathematics.

It offers a wealth of extra curricular activities, all of which go toward providing an enriching educational experience for our students.

A. Our Aims and Expectations

  • To promote academic excellence
  • To develop the personal and academic abilities of all our students
  • To ensure that every student successfully participates in all aspects of the school community (sports, music, drama, art, languages and the environment)
  • To develop the leadership potential of all students through the setting of high standards of behaviour, appearance, achievement and endeavour
  • To take an active role in leadership of the school
  • To take responsibility for own learning
  • To promote the school ethos to younger students ~ leading by example in your attitude to learning and your behaviour

B. Entry Procedure into Year 12

All students entering the Sixth Form follow a two-year International Baccalaureate programme.

We require:

  1. A minimum grade 5 in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics
  2. A minimum average GCSE point score of 44 in their best 8 full GCSEs which must include English and Maths. (Point score is based on the new GCSE grades 9 to 1.)

In addition the following are requirements for specific subjects:

  • Individual Higher subject requirements: Grade 8 at GCSE to study Mathematics. Grade 6 to study English. Grade 7 to study Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German, Spanish, Italian; grade 6 for all other subjects.

The school determines which grades are required when a subject requested has not been taken at GCSE (eg. Economics, Business Management, Theatre Studies, etc).

C. Attendance and Punctuality

The Sixth Form is seen as a flagship for the school, leading by example in terms of attitude to learning, attendance and punctuality. The average attendance level in the school is 96.8% therefore the Sixth Form should be striving to achieve this and beyond.

D. Attitude to Learning

  • All Private Study sessions are to be used effectively and appropriately for independent study
  • In the absence of a member of staff, students are expected to complete work set in the timetabled room

E. Dress Code

  • All students should be wearing a smart blazer/suit jacket at all times;

  • Girls should be wearing either skirt suits or trouser suits with blouses or shirts

  • Boys should be wearing suits and ties and shirts;

  • Dresses, denim and leggings are not permitted;

  • Trainers are not permitted;

  • Skirts should be knee-length and of smart appearance. Short stretchy skirts are unacceptable;

  • A smart jumper is optional but must be worn underneath a suit jacket; it does not replace a suit jacket or blazer.

All students agree to adhere to the Sixth Form Dress Code.