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Still unsure?

There are so many ways to make the IB work for you and help you to manage your workload.

If you do not intend to study Maths or a related subject at university then Maths Applications Standard allows you to develop those skills for which employers are searching, skills such as problem-solving and statistical analysis and manipulation.

Employers are also hunting for workplace communication skills and literacy: 95% of those who took English standard over the past two years achieved a 5 or better.

A foreign language really makes you stand out: standard language continues naturally from a GCSE language or, if you struggled in that language or you wish to  try a new language, beginners (ab initio) level might be your choice.

If you do not wish to pursue one of the three traditional sciences, you may choose Environmental Studies (standard only), Design Technology, Sports & Exercise Science, Computer Science or Food Science (standard only).

There is a combination that will personalise the IB for you, provide the three Higher subjects you need for university while keeping the breadth that will put you a notch above others in the eyes of your future employers.

The IB is the best next step for bright, ambitious young people today. There are literally 1000’s of Diploma packages available at BGS – find the one that uniquely prepares you for the next stage in your education.