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School Improvement Plan

Below is a summary of our comprehensive and highly devolved School Improvement Plan (SIP) for 2022-23. All senior and middle leaders are invited to contribute to the SIP which is built around our ethos: Intellect, Empathy and Courage.



  • Embed Disciplinary Literacy through CPD
  • All staff promote literacy at every opportunity 
  • Primary school transition embeds a culture of reading and inquisitiveness

Teaching and Learning

  • A sustained focus on feedback and formative assessment
  • Coaching is an integral part of staff development 
  • Metacognition and Growth Mindset strategies are in place 


  • Robust systems are in place for data collection 
  • Continued use of 4 Matrix for data analysis, raising the profile of P8 and A8
  • Actions which will have a measurable impact, particularly monitoring the progress of Pupil Premium students


Personalisation of Learning

  • Class Context Sheets inform teaching to meet the needs of individuals, including SEN and disadvantaged students 
  • Teaching strategies support boys' learning 
  • Lessons stimulate intellectual curiosity and improve students' cultural capital

Promote and model positive, respectful behaviour

  • Approaches to classroom expectations and behaviour are consistent 
  • Tackle/eliminate any form of discriminatory behaviours, including towards race, sex and / or gender
  • Our environment is inclusive and appreciative of cultural difference 

Wellbeing and the school environment

  • Work towards the Education Staff Wellbeing Charter objectives, encouraging a strong sense of staff community 
  • Encourage the Environmental Action Group and School Council to find energy-saving and recycling initiatives 
  • Acknowledge and act upon the contextual safeguarding risks which affect our children 


Departmental self-evaluation

  • INSET time given for departments to plan, sequence and evaluate their curricula
  • Learning Team Reviews and Student Voice provide opportunities to inform planning
  • Consistently high standard of the quality of books/folders across departments 

Develop resilient and independent learners

  • Growth mindset approaches and metacognitive strategies are common practice 
  • Student self-regulation techniques to support wellbeing are embedded 
  • Sixth Form free study periods are used effectively 

Embrace the opportunities offered by having 7 forms of 30 in September 2024 

  • The success of girls at BGS, especially within the Sports and STEM events, continues to be promoted 
  • Continuation of a free breakfast service for our FSM pupils
  • Continued emphasis on improving the appearance of the school environment