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It is policy to have school uniform and all students must keep to the following regulations.  They are designed to be as simple as possible but no list can be completely comprehensive.  If in doubt about any items it will be necessary to consult the Headteacher whose decision must be final.  Items marked * are compulsory.  Where other items are bought, please follow the guidelines given. 

Our official school outfitter is:   


240 Blackfen Road                          


020 8850 8645                   

These outfitters do not sell all the items mentioned; other outfitters such as Marks & Spencer or John Lewis may supply comparable items.


  • Plain black with no contrasting trimmings.
  • No other colours are allowed.
  • Shoes must be of a substantial style with a full toe and heel.
  • Must be worn in school at all times.  
  • Definitely no boots, canvas shoes, plimsolls or trainers 

*Tights or Socks must be worn.

  • For boys: plain black or grey colour.
  • For girls: must be ankle length white socks or full black tights. Leggings, leg warmers & knee high socks/tights are not allowed.

*Trousers (boys or girls)

  • Mid or dark grey long trousers.

*Skirt (girls)

  • Mid/dark grey skirt with single, double box or knife pleats.
  • Pleats must be all round the skirt and must begin at the waist.


  • Plain light blue with a collar, short or long sleeves but not sleeveless.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Polo shirts and T-shirts must not be worn.


  •         Plain light blue with a revere collar, short or long sleeves but not sleeveless.
  •         No long sleeved tops to be worn underneath shirts or blouses.


  • Navy blue, not black, with House Badge.   
  • Badges are available only from Caseys. 

Pullover (optional) Only to be worn with a blazer

  • The official navy blue school pullover, V-necked with embroidered school logo, is available from Caseys.  No other pullover is acceptable.  

*Tie (Boys only)              

  • Navy blue with a single Bexley Grammar School badge. Only from Caseys.


  • Hairstyles must not include motifs or tracks and should be one natural hair colour 
  • Ribbons/hair clips if worn must be navy blue or black.
  • Students must be clean shaven. 

Outer coat/School bag

  •  Outer coat should be in a simple style without prominent logos 

(e.g. not sport/leather jackets or hoodies).

  •   Outdoor wear should not be worn around the school during the school day.
  •   A suitable school bag, this can be a rucksack style.
  •   The school does not accept responsibility for lost or damaged coats/bags.  Please ensure names are put in belongings in case they end up at reception.


  • No jewellery, apart from a wristwatch, is permitted
  •  Any body piercing should be arranged for the summer holiday so that studs etc can be  removed while at school.                 
  • Make-up must not be obvious.
  • Nail varnish is not permitted.




For Physical Education (Boys)                                    For Physical Education (Girls)                                                                                                                                                                                          

*White BGS Polo Shirt with                                          *White BGS Polo Shirt with                                                      surname embroidered in House                                  surname embroidered in House                                            colours available only from Caseys                            colours available only from Caseys          

*BGS Rugby Shirt                                                            *BGS Rugby Shirt

*Black Shorts                                                                   *Black Shorts

*White Socks                                                                    *White Socks

*Trainers (predominantly white)                                   *Trainers (predominantly white)

*Football boots                                                                *Football boots

(dependent upon PE  group)                                          (dependent upon PE  group)     

Plain black kit bag only from Caseys                           Plain black kit bag only from Caseys           

Optional extras                                                                Optional extras

Plain black tracksuit bottoms                                         Plain black tracksuit bottoms

Plain black sweater                                                          Plain black sweater 

Towel                                                                                  Towel

Water Bottle                                                                      Water Bottle

Shin Pads                                                                           Shin Pads

Gum shield (available from the PE office)                    Gum shield (available from the PE office)

                                                                                             Plain black leggings            

Notes to Parents, Guardians and Students about Physical Education

  • The PE department teaches inclusive lessons for students with different physical abilities. As a result, we operate an all change policy. If students are injured or ill, they should change as normal and provide a letter from a parent/guardian to explain any physical injuries they may have, and resulting limitations within lessons. For more serious or long-term injuries, a doctor’s note may be provided to make alternative arrangements.
  • All items of PE uniform should be clearly marked with student’s name.
  • Lost PE uniform should be reported to Form Staff and the Physical Education Teacher. Items of lost property can be claimed from the Reception Office between 3.05 pm and 3.15 pm.  Lost property can only be kept for a limited length of time and then it will be disposed of.  Students are responsible for their PE uniform at all times.
  • An item of missing PE uniform on three occasions will result in a thirty-minute after-school detention.
  • Failure to bring PE uniform without an authorised note from parent/guardian will result in a thirty-minute after-school detention.
  • No watches and jewellery should be worn during Physical Education lessons.
  • Hair below shoulder length should be tied back, therefore not interfering with practical activity.
  • Emblems of any kind are not permitted on any of the PE uniform.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted in Physical Education nor the school.
  • The Physical Education Department strongly advises students not to bring any valuables to their Physical Education lessons, extra-curricular clubs or when representing the school.  The PE Department cannot accept any responsibility for their safe-keeping.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to ensure all students are dressed appropriately and all PE uniform is maintained correctly.
  • Girls may wear black opaque leggings instead of shorts which can be purchased from Caseys with the BGS logo on (or can be purchased plain elsewhere), however they do need to be sports wear and fully opaque.