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Are you the next Plato or Aristotle? Do you have an open and critical mind? Do you like arguing and debating about world issues? Are you interested in the big questions which have puzzled philosophers for centuries?

Philosophy deals with profound, complex and challenging issues which are extremely important for humanity. We will learn how to think critically and systematically, how to analyse arguments, study philosophical themes and read the writings of great philosophical thinkers. The philosophy course allows students to explore fundamental questions that people have asked throughout human history. For example: What is it to be a human being? How do I know what is the right thing to do? Moreover, it confronts new problems arising within contemporary society, including those that result from increasing international interaction.

Course components and external assessment

Higher Level
Part 1

  • Paper 1 – What is a Human Being?
  • Paper 2 – Philosophy of religion and Ethics

Part 2

  • Study of a set philosophical text

Part 3

  • Unseen text

Standard Level
Part 1

  • Paper 1 – What is a Human Being?
  • Paper 2 –Ethics

Part 2

  • Study of a set philosophical text

Internal Assessment – This is completed by standard and Higher students …It is the application of philosophy to modern media (including poetry, song lyrics, films/movies, television and radio shows, internet sites or adverts)


Among the aims of Philosophy, you will:

  • Develop an intellectually independent and creative way of thinking
  • Relate philosophical understanding to other disciplines and to personal, social and civic life
  • Formulate arguments in a sound and purposeful way
  • Appreciate the diversity of philosophical thinking
  • Appreciate the impact of cultural diversity upon philosophical thinking.