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Welcome to the BGS Library, a vibrant space that students use for reading, working with friends, studying on the computers and taking part in reading groups.  

With a modern selection of books to choose from, students can always find something captivating to read, including fiction, non-fiction, short stories, graphic novels and classics. If students need help choosing a book, they can ask the School Librarian or one of the student helpers who always have an enthusiastic recommendation.

Mrs Carey (the School Librarian) is available to offer support - from book recommendations to help with referencing essays.


The Library aims to:

  • Provide a relaxed and stimulating learning environment
  • Offer research and study skills support
  • Provide learning resources for students to study independently 
  • Enable students to play an active part in the library through assisting the librarian, creating displays and reading activities, and suggesting resources to purchase


The library has a stock of 7800 books, which includes fiction & non-fiction books, short stories and graphic novels. The Library has 16 computers and 3 iPads for students to use for independent study and reading. 

Opening Hours 

Monday 8.15am - 4.00pm (The Library will be closed during P4)
Tuesday 8.15am - 4.00pm (The Library will be closed during P4)
Wednesday 8.15am - 4.00pm (The Library will be closed during P4 & P7)
Thursday 8.15am - 4.00pm (The Library will be closed during P4)
Friday 12.35pm - 2.15pm 

Library Lessons

Year 7 students have fortnightly lessons as part of their English Diploma task. During this time they discuss the books they enjoy and are encouraged to read widely and try new types of books. Year 7s will also take part in discussions and activities about awareness events, create video book trailers for their favourite books, and participate in an end of year debate.

Year 9 English students may have adhoc lessons in the library as part of a reading project in which they discuss how they select the books they read for pleasure, read a book in a small group and deliver presentations on these books.

Sixth Form students may have Research and Study Skills sessions to support them with completing their IB extended essays.

Reading Groups

Students can join the reading groups that run at different points throughout the year, such as the Carnegie Shadowing Award and the Stan Lee Excelsior Award. During the reading groups students discuss the books and take part in reading activities such as quizzes, making videos and writing reviews. Look out for posters in the Library for details of these groups.

Reading Lists

Please speak to Mrs Carey if you would like a book recommendation, or alternatively you can look through these reading lists: