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IB Subjects

International Baccalaureate

The IB curriculum is broadly based in subject groups. Students choose one subject from each of the groups 1-6 but in group 6 may select a further choice from groups 2, 3 or 4 instead of those offered in group 6. You should follow your interests and enjoyment of a subject. The IB structure encourages a balanced choice which includes the essential further study of English and Maths but also the depth required through the Higher Subjects.

Examples of IB subject combinations leading to particular university courses can be found here.

Also available is a comprehensive list of university offers made to over 1000 IB students from local schools (including BGS) in 2016 for particular courses: IB University Offers (Excel format) (PDF version here)

The following table presents a summary of the courses available. For information on each subject, use the menu on the right.

 1. Literature


Literature & Performance*

2. Language

Beginners'1 courses (in some languages) are available as an alternative for students who would like to learn a new language.









3. Individuals and Societies (Humanities):

Ancient History &    Classical Civilisation*

Business & Management


Environmental Systems*




Philosophy: Philosophy   of Religion and Ethics



Social and Cultural            Anthropology

4. Science:



Computer Science**

Design & Technology

Environmental Systems*2

Food Science*3


Sports, Exercise & Health Science           

5. Mathematics4:


6. Arts and Electives: or a further choice from groups 2, 3 or 4 above.




Visual Arts

* Indicates a subject that is only available at Standard Level.
** Indicates a subject that is only available at Higher Level.

1 The majority of students continue studying one of their languages to Standard or Higher level. However students looking for a fresh start in a new language or those who did not achieve a grade B or above might wish to study at beginners ('Ab Initio') level. The points earned are exactly the same as those for standard or higher subjects.

Environmental Systems can count as a group 3 and group 4 subject allowing students to take 2 subjects from group 6 (Music and Theatre for example).

3 Food Science: Pending final approval from the IB

4 There are two mathematics courses available - see subject link for Mathematics. At this stage you are selecting which level of mathematics is appropriate for you. Decisions about which course will be made with you in the light of your GCSE result.

Students take three subjects at Higher Level and the remaining three at Standard Level.

In addition to this, the following components complete the IB requirements:

Students have to complete all areas successfully to be awarded the Diploma.