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IB Subject Combinations

The following are a few examples of the range of subject combinations chosen by former students together with their final university destinations and courses:

Student A

  • Studying Economics at Kent. Required 33 points, including 16 at Higher and a 5 in Standard Maths
  • Highers: Economics, German, Design Technology
  • Standards: Maths, English and Psychology

Student B

  • Studying English at Oxford. Required 38 points.
  • Highers: English, History and Theatre
  • Standards: Maths Studies, Russian and Physics

Student C

  • Studying Modern Foreign Languages at Exeter. Required 32 points and 5 in one Language
  • Highers: English, Spanish and Italian
  • Standards: Maths Studies, Biology and Psychology

Student D

  • Studying Nursing at East Anglia. Required 32 points
  • Highers: English, Geography and German
  • Standards: Maths Studies, Environmental Systems and Film

Student E

  • Studying Film Studies at Sheffield Hallam. Required 24 points.
  • Highers: English, Film, Economics
  • Standards: Maths Studies, Biology and French

Student F

  • Studying Palaeontology & Evolution at Bristol. Required 35 points.
  • Highers: Biology, Chemistry and Geography
  • Standards: Maths Studies, English and Beginners' Italian (Ab Initio)

Student G

  • Studying Biochemistry at Oxford. Required 39 points including a 7 in Chemistry.
  • Highers: Maths, Chemistry and Biology
  • Standards: English, Spanish and History