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House News

Anyone associated with BGS will be aware of the remarkable power of the House System, comprising six houses named after prominent members of the school staff going back decades.

It underpins much of the extra-curricular life of the school and although highly competitive, it develops many aspects of our ethos of which we are so proud, such as resilience, collaboration, creativity, courage and compassion. 

A member of staff oversees each House which is run by a team of Sixth Form House Captains, much coveted leadership positions in the school. There is a comprehensive House calendar of events and competitions ranging from netball to dance, from football to music, or from cookery to chess. The annual House Showcase evening brings together the best of the year's drama, dance and music offerings to celebrate the end of the House Year and announce that year's winner of the House Cup, to be recorded for posterity on the House Honours Board in the Hall.

It is not unusual to find, long after the school day has finished, one or two dozen students (a mix of Year 7 up to the Sixth Form House Captains) in the Hall, the Theatre or a classroom, rehearsing for the upcoming drama, dance or music competition.