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Before Joining the School

Future students and their parents are invited to an evening meeting during which they are introduced to Form, Year and senior staff; students also meet the other members of their new tutor group. Parents of new students are issued with a complementary booklet to this prospectus, which outlines further details about the school and, at the start of the autumn term, with homework details.

In addition students are invited to spend a day at the school in the summer term, when they are introduced to a typical day's teaching programme.

On Joining the School

In September parents are invited to meet Form staff in order to discuss their child's progress. There will be a Parents' Evening at the beginning of the summer term when parents will be able to discuss their child's progress with each of the subject teachers. Reports in each subject will be issued each term.

At any stage during the student's career at the school, meetings can be arranged at the request of home or school, if matters of concern need to be discussed. All relevant documentation is available for viewing through the School Office.

The Student Planner enables information to be passed easily and quickly between school and home. Also, from time to time letters are sent home via students on a variety of issues.

Parents are welcomed by the Committee of the flourishing Parents' Association and invited to join and/or take part in its varied activities. In these ways, it is hoped that parents may come to feel that they, also, are part of the school.


Regular homework is an integral part of the school course. Parents are provided with the details and asked to inform the school if there is any concern about students doing too little or too much homework. Usually three subjects per evening are studied, totalling six hours per week for Year 7; eight hours per week for Year 8; nine hours 30 minutes for Year 9; and ten hours per week for Years 10 and 11. In the Sixth Form homework varies according to the subjects taken; typically each A-level subject will require a minimum of six hours homework each week.