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This subject will be offered at both Standard and Higher Levels. Film is both a powerful communication medium and art form. The IB Film course aims to develop students’ skills so they become adept in both interpreting and making film texts.

Through the study of film texts and exercises in film-making and analysis, the course explores film history, theory and socio-economic background. The course will develop students’ critical abilities, enabling them to appreciate the multiplicity of cultural and historical perspectives in film.

Students will also develop the organisational and technical skills needed to express themselves creatively in film. This course emphasizes the importance of working both individually and as a member of a team.

The Film course syllabus at Standard Level and Higher Level consists of three compulsory parts:

  • Part 1: Textual Analysis - The detailed study of film sequences
  • Part 2: Film Theory and History - The study of films and film-making traditions from more than one country
  • Part 3: Creative Process ~ Techniques and Organisation of Production - The development of creative, analytic and production skills within film-making


  • Standard Level [Higher Level]
  • External assessment (50%)
  • Independent study – 8-10 page [12-15 page] documentary script on any aspect of film theory/history based on a minimum of 2 [4] films (25%)
  • Presentation – 10 [15] minute oral presentation of a critical analysis of an extract from a prescribed film.
  • Internal assessment (50%)
  • Production portfolio – One completed 4-5 [6-7 + 40-60 second trailer] film project, with accompanying written documentation

Any questions ~ please see Mr Griffin

This is the final production piece from last year’s Film IB Year 13 class (March 2013), entitled ‘Other Plans’ (points awarded for identifying the John Lennon quotation from where this name is taken!). The students’ brief is a simple but demanding and inspiring one: to script, storyboard, rehearse, shoot and edit an entirely original short narrative (7 mins max). We tend to encourage the development of simple, high-concept pieces that get them telling stories largely though visuals and filming in interesting and challenging locations. We hope you enjoy it, and/or have the ambition to make something even better during your studies of Film IB at BGS!