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Environmental Systems & Societies

The main aims of this course are to promote the understanding of environmental issues and processes from a local to a global scale and appreciate the link that human society has.

The course is only studied at Standard Level and is a transdisciplinary* subject ie Group 3 or 4. The topics are:

  • Topic 1: Foundations of environmental systems and societies
  • Topic 2: Ecosystems and ecology
  • Topic 3: Biodiversity and conservations
  • Topic 4: Water, food production systems and society
  • Topic 5: Soil systems and society
  • Topic 6: Atmospheric systems and society
  • Topic 7: Climate change and energy production
  • Topic 8: Human systems and resource use
The assessment of these topics will consist of two written papers

Type of Assessment


Time (Hours)

Weighting of final grade (%)

Paper 1 

Case Study

1 25

Paper 2 

Short answers and structured essay


Individual Investigation Written report of a research question designed and implemented by the student 10 25

Environmental Systems is a trans-disciplinary subject in that it fulfils the subject requirements for group 3 and group 4. Students taking this subject can have greater flexibility in their subject choices for their Diploma. e.g. a student may choose: group 1 (English A1), group 2 (languages; 3 levels available), group 3/4 Environment Systems, group 5 Maths (three levels available). Choosing environmental systems then allows the student their remaining choices from any of the other subject groups e.g two science subjects, two arts subjects, etc.