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Design Technology

The Design Technology course is taught at Higher and Standard level, and will suit students who are highly motivated and can work in a more independent way.

The curriculum differs from the other group 4 subjects it contains a Design Project, which is unique to Design Technology. All pupils study core knowledge, in addition to which they can specialise in an appropriate material when completing their coursework.

The IB Diploma Programme Design Technology course incorporates skills, knowledge and design principles in a problem solving context, whilst at the same time maximising the use of local and readily available resources. This course assumes no previous experience at GCSE level in either designing or design technology. As part of group 4 it is expected you will have a grade 6 or higher in at least two sciences. The course enables students to develop new skills and relevant techniques in order to be able to identify real life design opportunities and design feasible products to suit those needs.



Internal Assessment

Total Hours


90 hours

60 hours

150 hours


144 hours

96 hours

240 hours

Theory (Core)

  • Human factors and ergonomics
  • Resource management and sustainable production
  • Modelling
  • Raw materials to final product
  • Innovation and design
  • Classic design

The design cycle is at the core of the course.

All students will use this process in practical investigatory work as well as in their theory. Additional for Higher Level students (HL) are:

  • User – centred design (UCD)
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation and markets
  • Commercial production

Internal Assessment:

  • A group 4 project
  • A mixture of short- and/ or long term investigations
  • The coursework project is worth 40% of final assessment.

The project complements all aspects of the course and its purpose it to ensure that students gain a greater understanding of the subject by using both practical ‘hands on’ as well as theoretical learning.  Students are encouraged to pick a project in line with their own personal interests where possible, but a global focus is required irrespective of the area chosen.

A high percentage of students go on to study Engineering, Architecture, Product Design and related courses at degree level after developing the excellent foundations in Design that IB Design Technology provides.