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Code of Conduct

At Bexley Grammar School, we believe that good behaviour and discipline are the key foundations of a good education.

The Code of Conduct is our attempt to distil into one document the sort of conduct - brought about by common sense, courtesy and consideration for others - that will enable individuals and the school as a whole to function happily and effectively. This is because, without an orderly atmosphere, effective teaching and learning cannot take place. The school maintains discipline and good conduct to secure a calm and well-ordered learning environment. The Home-School Agreement entered into with parents and students gives further support towards ensuring good conduct and a positive work ethic.

The rules are made for various reasons, including: in the interests of safety, health or general well being; academic fulfilment; good order and the smooth administration of the community; concern for the welfare of others in our community. Thus they fall into one of six sections:

Academic This involves creating conditions which are conducive to effective teaching and learning, good study habits and examination achievement.
Behaviour This involves acting with courtesy and consideration towards others and behaving sensibly and responsibly.
Dress and Appearance This involves creating a sense of belonging and promoting the school's identity.
Property This involves respecting the property and possessions of others.
Health and Safety This involves behaving with due care and attention.
Environment This involves maintaining the quality of our premises.

All students are expected to know this Code of Conduct and to abide by it. Breaches of the rules defined as serious offences are liable to lead to exclusion from the school. Exclusion may be fixed-term or permanent depending on circumstances. Repeated misdemeanours of a less serious kind may lead to the same punishment. Other sanctions include: verbal reprimand, extra work, loss of privilege, imposition of a task, community service, break, lunchtime, before or after school detention, daily report and withdrawal from lessons. A Code of Conduct is available from the school and forms part of the Year 7 Booklet.