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At Bexley Grammar School we aim to create the best possible educational environment in which each individual student is encouraged to work effectively towards the highest personal standards with opportunities:

  • To develop academic, cultural, social, physical and other talents;
  • To establish sound moral values;
  • To accept increasing responsibility for their own future, for the school, and for the wider communities to which they belong.

We aim to develop the full personality of each student; each individual student has the right to be valued on his or her own merits. There are many opportunities for students to accept responsibilities and to be of service to others, both within the school and in the wider community.

Bexley Grammar School is committed to exposing our students to a comprehensive array of beliefs, traditions, cultures, norms and values as part of our commitment to a social, moral, spiritual and cultural education. Throughout this exposure there is a dual emphasis upon the diversity of modern British multiculturalism and the traditional British values which bind our society together.

The aim of our school curricula, from Key Stage 3 beginning in Year 7 to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme studied by our Sixth Form students, is to spark an enthusiasm for learning both inside and outside of the classroom. Our PSHCE programme, 'Power' Days, Assemblies and the quality of the relationships between staff and students contribute towards a shared ethos and belief in democracy, equality before the law, tolerance, conflict resolution through discussion and democracy, and an inclusive view of community. We facilitate our students to embrace religious tolerance, to reject bullying and violence, to pursue excellence in both academic and non-academic interests, and to strive for a sense of achievement which stays with them as they move into adulthood.

Bexley Grammar School aims to promote students' spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development, with special emphasis on promoting equality, diversity and eradicating prejudicial incidents for pupils and staff.  Our school is committed to not only eliminating discrimination but also increasing understanding and appreciation for diversity.  

We recognise that the education of young people is a partnership between school, the students themselves, parents, governors, the Local Education Authority and the community; close contact between the partners - especially between home and school - is welcomed and encouraged. Collaboration is the key to sharing best practice and generating new ideas to improve our provision. To that end, we are an active member of the Penhill Academies Trust (PAT), a collaboration between five local schools.

Our vision is of a school where all students reach their full academic potential and develop into considerate young adults who are in a position to pursue their aspirations and interests as responsible members of our society.

In all our work we wish to perform at a standard that will justify the use of the term "excellence", echoing our school motto: PRAESTANTIAE STUDERE - "to strive for excellence".