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Congratulations Alice!

Huge congratulations to Alice Black and her netball team. Alice went to Sunderland to compete last weekend and came an impressive 7th in England!  Alice plays for Kent County Netball Club. Following an initial qualifying regional tournament and 14 matches throughout the season, they gained a place at the U16 National Finals. The 18 best teams in England played over 2 days, in Sunderland, at the Beacon of Light Stadium. Their team, KCNC, won 5 of their 7 matches in the Finals, only losing to the eventual winners and another top team. Congratulations to Alice, an excellent GD circle defender who played every match, blocking out the opposition, defending shots and making interceptions to turn the play over. She is part of an amazing team, who worked brilliantly together to beat tough opponents, and we can proudly say they came 7th in the country.

Teamwork at its best!

The PE department is proud of your success, Alice. Well done!

Mrs Kemp, PE Department