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  • Chamber Choir perform at Spring Sing Choir Festival

    Published 24/04/24

    On Saturday 20th April, the Chamber Choir performed at the inaugural Spring Song Choir Festival at Christchurch Bexleyheath, organised by ZigZag Performing Arts and Greenwich Academy for Music and Dance. Comprised of Year 12 and 13 students and led expertly by Mrs Casling, the Choir performed Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell, Glow by Eric Whitacre and Grace Kelly by Mika. Their performance was wonderful to watch, with smiles of enjoyment clearly visible throughout their performance. The audience were treated to a high quality performance, and the choir enjoyed performing alongside other local community choirs. Well done to members of the Chamber Choir - and good luck to our Year 13 members as you embark on study leave and exams!

    Mrs Goddard, Music Department

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  • Spring Concert 2024 ~ BGS in Technicolour

    Published 27/03/24

    On Monday 18 March, the music department students came together for our annual Spring concert. Many of you will remember last year’s epic ‘Out of this World’, and this year our theme was ‘BGS in Technicolour’. The whole concert was themed around pieces linked to colour, and along with a fantastic lighting design provided by Rob Humphreys and Mr Asker, we were thrilled to present our programme to the audience.

    The Samba Band started with a drumline composition, ‘Cadence 24’, and showed even more excitement and development of their skills as an ensemble. They worked hard with Mr Pack, our drum teacher, and it was a rousing start to the programme. KS3 Orchestra followed, with a collaboration with St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School with ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’, followed by Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird’. Rob Humphreys, Year 12 music prefect, conducted the collaboration and was excellent in his debut. Clarinet Choir, led by Mr Cooper, performed ‘Rhapsody in Blue’, with Max Jansen performing the iconic opening solo. Chamber Choir followed, with Mrs Casling directing ‘Grace Kelly’ and ‘Big Yellow Taxi’. Chamber Choir will soon be performing at Bexleyheath Christchurch with Grace Kelly in April. We will confirm all the details soon - please catch them then!  Junior Jazz performed Green Onions and Blue Train with Mr Laing, followed by Flute Choir and Mrs Casling performing ‘Colours of the Wind’ and ‘Ecstasy of Gold’. The final performance of the first half was with Junior Choir, where they performed ‘True Colours’ and ‘Firework’ enthusiastically to see us out.

    The second half was introduced with the Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mrs Casling, with performances of ‘Mr Blue Sky’ and highlights from ‘Wicked’. Having just returned from a trip to Wicked as well, you couldn’t stop some of our students from joining in singing. The String Group with Miss Todd performed ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘Seven Nation Army’, with Rock Band under Mr Ross following up with Led Zeppelin’s ‘Black Dog’ and Rainbow’s ‘Since You Been Gone’. Senior Choir allowed a moment for reflection with ‘Fields of Gold’ before ramping up the temp again with Pink’s ‘So What?’, featuring soloists Emily Chan, Teondra Imurni and Holly Kinsella. Improv performed Happy Purple and Blue Sky’s, followed by Big Band’s ‘Afro Blue’ and ‘Tangerine’, featuring Zara Warren singing. The evening concluded with a massed ABBA Gold medley performance, with all the audience invited to participate.

    Every Spring Concert is a chance for us to thank our Y13 students for all their hard work and contributions over the years. We wish you all success in the future and keep in touch. We also announced our fundraising drive for a new acoustic piano. Details of the fundraising drive have been shared with you all on ParentPay, and we hope that you can help us in improving our piano stock across the department over the next year.

    It was a privilege to see all of our performers on stage and enjoying what they do best - making music. We still have many more events to come, including the KS3 Showcase, Legally Blonde and Jazz Evening - keep an eye on the newsletter for further information!

    Click on the link here to view the Spring Concert 2024 Photo Gallery.

    Mrs Goddard, Head of Music

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  • Bexley Music Festival ~ 25th March 2024

    Published 27/03/24

    Congratulations to all our students (some who were blocked by instruments, so I couldn't get a good photo!) who performed as part of the Bexley Music Festival on Monday 25th March at Fairfield Halls in Croydon. Daniel, Aaron, Eve, Krish, Yannis, Zara, James and Max. Max Jansen performed an outstanding solo and our students were in ensembles including the concert orchestra, little big band and many others including the house band for the evening. For Max and Eve, this marked the end of their time with Bexley Music before they leave for university. Well done all; a thoroughly enjoyable concert. 

    Click on the link here to view the Bexley Music Festival 2024 Photo Gallery.

    The Music Department

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  • Well done James!

    Published 27/03/24

    Following the advertisement placed in one of the school newsletters, I saw an opportunity to apply for the overture day with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. About 70 young musicians came together (including me on trumpet!) to rehearse in St Luke's, Old Street, London, and perform a range of challenging musical pieces. Overall, I really enjoyed this opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone who gets the chance.

    James Boyd, Year 10

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  • ABRSM Exam Results!

    Published 27/03/24

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  • Music News ~ March 24

    Published 19/03/24

    Congratulations to Ella Tyler for her participation in the Bromley Music Festival with the following results:

    • 1st for woodwind grade 4-5
    • 1st for piano light music/jazz Year 9-13 
    • 4th for violin in the grade 6/7 category

    An amazing achievement for Ella. Congratulations from the BGS music department. Having the opportunity to perform and receive advice from industry professionals is always an amazing experience!

    Mrs Casling, Music Department 

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  • Bexley Grammar School Music Department collaborates with St Stephen’s Primary School

    Published 13/03/24

    On Tuesday 12th March, 12 students from our KS3 Orchestra visited St Stephen’s Primary School to rehearse in advance of our upcoming concert on Monday 18th March. We rehearsed ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ with around 20 students from the Primary School, with our musicians shadowing on each of the parts.

    Aysu, Year 7, said that it was lots of fun to play with another group of instrumentalists and to work under the leadership of Rob Humphreys, Year 12, who has been conducting the orchestra there as part of his CAS IB portfolio.

    We looked at little parts of the piece to rehearse these more as well as how to demonstrate a professional performance. We are looking forward to hosting St Stephen’s at our concert on Monday 18th March and to performing our piece together.

    Mrs Goddard, Head of Music

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  • Jazz and Curry Evening 2024

    Published 31/01/24

    On the 27th January 2024, the Music department hosted a ‘Jazz and Curry’ evening for the first time in 2 decades. We started the night off with Big Band, one of the three BGS Jazz Groups, as they played 5 pieces by a vast array of composers, like Charles Mingus and Fats Waller, with improvisational solos being seen throughout each piece by all the different instruments within the band. After Big Band’s first set finished, Junior Jazz went on stage to play their repertoire of many pieces as they impressed the crowd with their immense talent and superb improvisation abilities. Following the Junior Jazz group, we took a break as the guests and players sat down to eat their curry from the local curry house, The Jasmine, who were kind enough to provide a full buffet of Indian-based food. Whilst everyone was eating, a few players decided to play a set of more Jazz pieces to accompany the delicious assortment of food. After the break finished, it was time for the last of the three BGS Jazz Groups to play their pieces. The Improv Group played three pieces, showing not only their talent but their tremendous efforts as they played their pieces flawlessly, impressing not only the guests but everyone watching. To finish the night, Big Band played another set as they played the pieces masterfully, concluding a magnificent night of jazz with finesse.

    Ethan Abbate, Year 12

    Well done to all of our performers on this evening, and a huge thank you to Mr Laing for preparing the items with the bands. What a treat and I hope that we can make this a biannual thing!

    Mrs Goddard, Head of Music


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  • Performing with the London Schools Symphony Orchestra (LSSO)

    Published 17/01/24

    Mia Nguyen, Year 10, was recently invited back to perform with the London Schools Symphony Orchestra at the beginning of this term at the Barbican. Some of you may remember she performed last year for the first time, but this year Mia was promoted to the first violins, a very prestigious opportunity!

    The orchestra performed Rachmaninov's Paganini Rhapsody and the magnificent Symphonie Fantastique by Berlioz. It was truly amazing by all accounts, and so impressive that a young ensemble overall performed with such maturity and sensitivity whilst also being able to react as emerging professionals of their fields.

    Mia's friends also came to support her performance, and were thoroughly impressed. They reported:

    Mia performing with the LSSO, let alone at the Barbican Centre, makes us so proud of her; we were so amazed by the performance they gave us, and it was such a good experience. We were even more surprised to find out that she was one of the younger students there, considering she played at such a high standard. We hope to attend another one of her amazing performances.

    Ayaka and Darina

     Well done Mia on grasping such a wonderful opportunity, and we look forward to hearing more for you and our other music students!

    Mrs Goddard, Head of Music

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  • Congratulations Paul!

    Published 03/10/22

    Paul Despabiladeras, Year 9 recently took the first diploma in Piano, which is a post-Grade 8 exam, normally taken by full-time music students after their first year at university, and was APPROVED, He used the board of London College of Music, and his qualification is called a DipLCM. 

    An amazing achievement. 

    Mrs Casling, Head of Music


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  • Congratulations Nathan, winner of the Martin Dales Trophy, Beckenham Music Festival

    Published 09/12/21

    Congratulations to Nathan Singleton, Year 11, for winning the Martin Dales Trophy in the Beckenham Music Festival 2021. Here is Nathan's account of what was required!  Well done Nathan!

    Mrs Casling, Head of Music


    The Beckenham festival is an annual music festival which carries out a wide variety of performances and competitions with different types of musicians (e.g. choirs, woodwind players).  The type of competition I entered is music versatility, which is recommended for people who play two or more instruments to a high level.  The adjudicator marks the pieces you play/ sing and the person with the highest amount of marks wins the Martin Dales trophy (which I’ve managed to win three years consecutively now).  This year, I played Nocturne in C# Minor by Chopin, and Sonatina for Clarinet and Piano by Malcolm Arnold.

    Nathan Singleton, Year 11

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