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The Languages Local to You

University of Exeter ran an exciting photo competition in March and several BGS students took part with great enthusiasm. The contest focussed on showing languages other than English in their local areas - shop signs, bilingual street signs, film posters, advertisements and so on.  We submitted our top 3 entries before the Easter holidays, alongside over 100 schools across the country.

Huge congratulations to Nimrat Matharu (8REL), whose submission was selected as one of the top 25 by the judges and to Lev Griffin (8CPB), selected as a national runner-up for the competition and who won a £25 Amazon voucher as a prize!

Thank you to all our participants for the wonderful submissions, we look forward to taking part again next year.

Miss Giglione, MFL Department 

The photo shows signs jostling for attention on a cold day on Welling High Street, including one for a Chinese food supermarket with Chinese characters displayed on the shop sign, a language I am currently learning in school.

Lev Griffin, Year 8

Nepalise is not a language I speak, but it is commonly used within the area I live in. Many supermarkets, corner shops, etc. are owned by Nepalease people. People who work in these shops also speak Hindi, which allows them to communicate with other Asian people from places such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

The picture above is a money transfer shop which allows others to send money to a specific place abroad. In addition, this shop includes jewellers and clothes shopping, but it only has these things for those who are natives of Nepal

Nimrat Matharu, Year 8