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Maths Master Class

Our Year 9s had the golden opportunity to experience an enlightening Maths Masterclass by guest speaker Michael Fletcher on Thursday 14th March 2024, in conjunction with International Pi Day! Michael captivated minds with real-world applications of probability and game theory, using nostalgic game-shows and humour. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Parents' Association for their invaluable contribution towards nurturing our students' academic growth and fostering a love for learning. 

Miss Goh, Mathematics Department

In our recent maths masterclass with Michael, we had the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of game theory! Michael used games reminiscent of those seen on TV, such as ‘Play Your Cards Right’, to illustrate various experiments and scenarios. A highlight was when he asked us to think about the probability of an 8 in the game based on the previous cards — 'higher or lower'! We left the course with a deeper understanding of how maths can improve one's game-playing skills. Michael's enthusiasm and teaching style left us energised and curious to explore the subject further.

Cédric Mamodesen, Year 9

In honour of Pi day, my peers and I had the opportunity to hear from Michael Fletcher, who gave us a great maths masterclass! The show was captivating and his ability to combine entertainment with mathematical ideas made the show enjoyable for everyone. Mr Fletcher's passion for maths was obvious in everything from interactive presentations to innovative riddles. My favourite part was definitely when my friend Samit and I, went to the front to play a game inspired by the game show ‘Play Your Cards Right' where we worked together to work out whether a card was going to be higher or lower than the previous one, using probability, and we eventually won, with the help of our classmates. Overall, it was a great experience that we are all thankful for. 

Yasmin Mofakham, Year 9