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Look what's hot in Geography!

Our Year 8 students recently handed in their end of term ‘river projects’ where they were tasked to hand in a creative and geographical project on 1 of 4 rivers: Colorado, Ganges, Yangtze and the Nile.  Our classes blew us away, and we have struggled to pick the top projects, but each teacher has managed to handpick their 2 stand out projects…see below the winners from each class!


Miss Ashman has chosen Alex Stanchev who produced a stunningly unique whilst incredibly professional looking board game on the river Yangtze!





Whilst Karan Abrol produced a professional standard and highly geographical leaflet on the River Ganges!





Astarti Manalakou created a stand-out project that had bamboo boats sailing on the River Nile; super Geographical too!


Subhan Saeed created a highly professional project on the Yangtze which was super informative as well as visually appealing - love the use of dragons!










Nimrat Matthau used mixed media to make her front cover on the Ganges stand out from the rest.



Adi Vedamuthu created a huge book which was professionally presented and was also crammed full of geography.


Mrs Belton-Owen’s Groups

Angela Long - a beautifully presented booklet that included amazing hand drawn diagrams and detailed written notes.


Maddison Lopez- I really loved the creativity used here to show the River Nile, from source to mouth. Maddison also included a lot of detail in each of her written sections that showed the effort and time that she had put into this assessment.

Reuben Sackey-James -   I was really impressed with the effort and presentation of this work. All the key success criteria have been completed in good detail.