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Thursday 3rd March. World Book Day. The most important day on the English department’s calendar: especially when it’s the 25th anniversary!

From the moment you walked into the school it was clear the World Book Day bonanza had already begun! The first activity, by the main reception, was to match the prop to the book, and we had everything from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone by J.K. Rowling to Ratburger by David Walliams; these childhood classics that you never tire of was the perfect way to engage and bring together all the members of our school community. Throughout the day, all students had the chance to put their knowledge to the test as each year had a quiz tailored to their understanding of the writing world, and it is opportunities like this that really encourage self-expression and help students to be more confident, particularly in their literary skills. We feel that this is a key point to have in mind when planning events like these: what will the students obtain from this experience? 


Now, we cannot go any further without elaborating on the magnificent costumes that were so wonderfully executed by the Year 7 and 8 students and our own Year 12 prefects. The time as set for 10:15 for the photo that took characters from every piece of literature in existence. A collision of worlds brought a happy, cheerful school community together! It was a superb atmosphere that somehow made the most menacing book characters smile for once, and that is coming from a certain Miss Agatha Trunchbull! Even the department teachers dressed up too: we had Mr Griffin, Mr Husbands and Mr Otley as the Three Musketeers and Mrs Stoddard as Mary Poppins, to name a few! (See pic, above). Besides this, there were also a variety of competitions to take part in: guess theteacher’s costume, a 10 word ‘Post-It note Story’ writing competition and the Ultimate Book Cover challenge. Leo Demyan in 7STA won our ultimate book reading challenge with one of the most creative pictures we had ever seen!

Amazingly, Neewa Subba from 7MAM got every single answer right on the picture quiz!

I also had the joy of reading everyone’s ‘Post-It note Stories’, and really struggled to narrow it down to my favourites as they were all so brilliantly crafted! A big well done to Isabella Hugget in 8RAS- it was an extremely emotive piece of writing in just a few words showing just how powerful words can be. It is truly amazing to witness the talent of our students and the sheer enthusiasm and passion they have for these events!

On Friday 4th March, we were privileged to have a Zoom call with the wonderful Manjeet Mann, who shared her journey of discovery as a writer. Her story shows how English and writing is not limiting; it actually can provide you as well as others with so many different opportunities and take you anywhere you want it to!

Above all, “Drop Everything and Read!” was truly the icing on the cake of this day, allowing you to take a minute to relax, to just simply be on your own with your thoughts and a book in order to have a much-needed break. It is so important to encourage students to read nowadays and “Drop Everything and Read!” is the first stepping stone in the ocean of joy that you can find within the world of a book!

A big thank you to the English Department and Mrs Carey the Librarian for organising the day.

Rachel Smith and Maximilian Armstrong-Moulinie Year 12 English Prefects