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Watch out for the Year 12 Young Enterprise Team!

The BGS Young Enterprise team has been working hard to create our business product. Our dedicated team of young innovators have developed high-quality candles. However, our candles are not like any other candles…

Introducing ‘Illumina’, mood-sensory candles prepped with Spotify QR codes that can conveniently transport you to carefully curated playlists that link to the mood of the candle you buy. Scan, play and let the playlist match your candle's mood! 

Some examples of these moods are: Joy, Calm, Nostalgia, Energise and Focus.  Therefore, give you a reason to light a candle at every moment! For when you’re bursting with energy or when you need a moment to relax or even if you need instrumental sound to help you revise. 

Each candle is a work of art, elegantly crafted with a soft, pastel colour range and, most importantly, access to playlists perfectly synced to your selected mood. 

Some extra dates if you’re interested:

Old Spitalfields Market on Tuesday 27th February 
Greenwich Market on Wednesday 13th March

BGS Young Enterprise Marketing Team