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Sixth Blog: Only7Seconds in your community and in your school.

Only7seconds is a mindset movement that was first set up in Pateros, Washington on the west coast of the United States. It was founded by a lovely lady called Kristin Wall, whose son Ethan was extremely ill and bredridden for a long period of time. During this battle with his health, Ethan started to enter into a depression as none of his friends reached out to see if he was okay. It was through this heartbreak of watching her son’s mental and physical health suffer that Kristin felt angry that it seemed no one cared. However, she later realised that it wasn’t that Ethan’s friends didn’t care about him and his health, but they never thought to reach out to check he was OK, because they were never told how important it was. Within their small town, Pateros watched so much turmoil unravel and 5 lives were taken due to suicide within a few months. This made Kristin want to research into suicide rates within the US.


She realised it only takes 7 seconds to send a simple text saying “Hi, how are you?” to a friend, and this became the premise of only7seconds. The message that “it only takes 7 seconds to send a text to someone telling them that you are thinking of them could be the difference between someone being here today, and not tomorrow” meant so much to Kristina and to so many others. 


I became a supporter of only7seconds in the summer of 2019, but became a team member in February of 2020, becoming their youngest and first international team member! I believe that the message that only7seconds is spreading can help those not only suffering with mental health problems, but everybody. 


Right before schools closed due to the pandemic, I was able to host my first only7seconds club meeting: it was very successful and the feedback I received from those who attended was very positive. I have so many ambitions for only7seconds within school and would love it if others wanted to get involved. It's a great opportunity for CAS as it can count towards all sections; creativity, action and service. 


It's so easy to get involved in any of the projects we have running, like our plant positivity project (created and run by myself) or our positive post-it challenge that is hosted world wide and so easy to participate in safely within school. All you need to join in with the positive post-its is a post-it note and an encouraging message, then place it anywhere around school. 


I am waiting until things are back to normal to start up the only7seconds club again so all year groups can join in and benefit, but when clubs do return, I would love and appreciate some help running them, holding small groups, and coming up with activities (again all things that can count towards CAS).


If you have any questions or what any more information about this great cause I’d be happy to talk, just drop me an email to

Emily Ross - Year 12