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Sixth Form Stem News

Calling all budding medics, biologists, chemists or pharmacists!

If you are thinking about going on to university to study something in the realms of medicine, biology, chemistry or pharmacy, we have a very exciting opportunity for you!

We are being visited by Ms Siew a Director at eValue8. She works for a company that ensures the smooth and effective provision of healthcare. She has also previously worked in pharmaceutical research and has lectured in chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. She will be delivering an assembly for students interested in attending in Years 11, 12 and 13.

What a fantastic opportunity to learn a bit more about healthcare provision and also career pathways into the field of medicine that might not be the traditional doctor route.

Also, this term:

The House STEM competition will be running from November 4th to December 9th with teams competing to design, build and race model cars. Teams include two Year 8s and two Year 9s with a Sixth Former to support. There must be an even mix of boys and girls in each team. Traditionally a closely fought battle the House STEM event allows students to showcase their engineering and creative skills in a way that no other house competition does. I look forward to seeing what this year’s teams will come up with!

Ms Lusted, Stem Coordinator