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Sixth Form News

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  • CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) - The IB Class of 2019 Report 5

    Published 03/06/19

    Peer Mentor

    Within Bexley Grammar School there are three major roles open to application. They consist of Senior Prefect, Peer Mentor and House Captain. Sixth Formers are allowed to apply for any one of the positions when the time comes, but students are only allowed to hold one of these very important roles.

    The IB aims to create ‘the all-round’ student and one that can reflect fully. Recently, we have been featuring some examples of the amazing experiences and projects the Year 13 have been involved in and their reflections on their involvement:

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  • CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) - The IB Class of 2019 Report 4

    Published 25/05/19

    National Citizen Service

    Many of our students undertook The Challenge (NCS) – a national charity whose mission is to connect and inspire people to strengthen their communities, bringing together local people across all generations, ethnic groups and incomes to build a stronger society.

    One student reflected on her involvement in The Challenge:

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  • CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) - The IB Class of 2019 Report 3

    Published 24/05/19

    Volunteering at the Charity Café

    The C2K Café is a café that donates its profits to different causes in the community, for example towards clubs to help elderly people with technology. The person who runs the café was very happy when I asked if they needed volunteers to help during half terms and weekends. During my time volunteering at the café I undertook different tasks. I took orders, served food, cleaned tables and washed up. The different social skills that I learnt from this experience will be very helpful as I progress through my education and through life. A goal I want to achieve from this experience was to improve my communication skills across all different ages of people.

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  • CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) - The IB Class of 2019 Report 2

    Published 23/05/19

    Climbing Mount Snowdon

    I planned to climb Mount Snowdon. My plan was to walk to the peak along the Llanberis Path, which is a steep path, but very scenic as well, so it has become a very popular path. In this activity, we would climb right to the peak of the mountain, and then walk back down as well. There was an option to take a steam train back down, but if we walked down as well, it was estimated to take up to five hours to complete the whole walk.

    Through this activity, I hoped to improve my determination, as well as resilience and commitment. I believed I would achieve this through the long and challenging walk, where I would most likely meet many new challenges along the way, due to unpredictable weather and steep terrain.

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  • CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) - The IB Class of 2019 Report 1

    Published 22/05/19

    Year 13 have been involved in a total of 1783 various projects and experiences!

    With their exams fast approaching, the Year 13 IB students recently finalised their CAS portfolios for moderation. The outstanding activities and projects carried out are reflected in their ManageBac accounts, which we have had the pleasure of reading.

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  • American IB Students spend the day studying at BGS

    Published 27/03/19

    Last Wednesday the 20th March we had a visit from 40 students from Bergen Country Academies, one of the top IB schools in the USA. 

    Their students were paired with some of our Year 12 and 13 students and they shadowed their buddy throughout the day. They attended lessons and delivered an assembly to our Year 12 students.

    At the end of the day students participated in an international football friendly which ended in an honourable 3-3 draw.

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  • Sixth Form Culture Club Visits

    Published 25/10/18

    “It’s True, It’s True, It’s True”

    On 17th October, a small group of Sixth Formers visited the New Diorama Theatre in London to see “It’s True, It’s True, It’s True” as part of a Culture Club trip. Just a one hour play, “It’s True, It’s True, It’s True” dramatises a rape case from 1612 in Rome. For me, this was particularly powerful as the Breach Theatre Company used the original manuscript of the trial, which had been translated into English from Latin and is so real that you are really invested in the outcome of the case.

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  • BGS features in Parliamentary Review

    Published 23/09/18

    Bexley Grammar School is proud to feature prominently in this year's edition of 'The Parliamentary Review'.

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  • Sixth Form Destinations Success

    Published 23/09/18

    91% of our 232 BGS university applicants have places at their first or second choice of university. 17 students have been awarded prestigious apprenticeships.

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