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Sixth Form News

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  • Excellent results from our second fully IB cohort!

    Published 08/07/20

    Congratulations to year 13 students in extraordinary circumstances!

    Year 13 students are celebrating the end of over three months of uncertainty with a set of IB results that vindicate all the hard work they have put in since September 2018. We feel the frustration they feel in having been unable to demonstrate their performance in final examinations due to the pandemic but they should now be proud of what they have achieved through their hard work and commitment.

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  • Wellbeing Award for Schools 2020-2023

    Published 28/02/20

    We are delighted to report that following a verification day last month, BGS has now successfully gained the wellbeing award for schools.  Many thanks to those parents, governors, students and staff who attended meetings with the external assessor during the verification day, prior to the half term break and many thanks to all members of our community who continue to work to support wellbeing and positive mental health.  

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  • English Lecture Series: Climate Change on Page and Screen

    Published 14/02/20

    On 3rd February, the English Department hosted a lecture by Harry Warwick, a former Bexley Grammar student. Harry, who recently graduated with a PhD in English Literature, came in to give a lecture about both some of the work he had done and some things he held interests in surrounding the topic.

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  • Open Evening Newsletter

    Published 15/11/19

    Please click here to read this year's Sixth Form Open Evening Newsletter.  

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  • Anthropology Trip

    Published 05/11/19

    Cash flow runs deep But spirit deeper. You ask am I my Brother’s keeper?

    As much as idealists and populists yearn to frame it as such, London has never been a homogeneous place; through the various ethnic groups seeking refuge from an importunate world of hatred, or the slave trade commonly paralleled with the USA’s as being less worthy of consideration, the capital’s roots were not just flavoured by immigration, but essentially founded upon it.

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  • Young Enterprise Team

    Published 15/10/19

    On Wednesday 2nd October, members of the Year 12 Young Enterprise (YE) team went on a visit into central London to attend the YE introduction event. This was held at one of Mintel’s buildings. Mintel is a company that specializes in predicting where certain markets will be next, using their data & market research.

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  • Congratulations, Year 12!

    Published 24/09/19

    Congratulations to our fantastic Year 12 students who have made a super start to their International Baccalaureate studies. The students have settled in to Sixth Form life with ease and are already fully immersing themselves into all that BGS has to offer! We are so excited to discover all of your talents... Well done all!

    Miss Leffen, Head of Year 12 and Mr Auckland, Assistant Head Sixth Form

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  • Sixth Form Stem News

    Published 12/09/19

    Calling all budding medics, biologists, chemists or pharmacists!

    If you are thinking about going on to university to study something in the realms of medicine, biology, chemistry or pharmacy, we have a very exciting opportunity for you!

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  • 96% University Success!

    Published 15/08/19

    96% of Year 13 IB students who applied to university have secured their first or second choice by 15th August.

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  • BGS Horticultural Society

    Published 01/08/19

    After an extremely successful summer, the BGS Horticultural Society has resumed its activity at the start of September. Thanks to a wonderful team of student helpers, from Year 7 through to Year 13, lots of new baby plants have been planted, including broccoli, artichokes, kale, cabbage, all sorts of lettuce, turnips, carrots, potatoes and more!

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  • Summer Magazine

    Published 20/07/19

    Hot off the press!  The BGS school magazine is this summer's perfect read... click here to open. 

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  • Congratulations to Year 13 IB students for an historic success!

    Published 11/07/19

    Nearly double the size of any IB cohort in BGS history, 195 students have been celebrating their results since their publication online on Saturday, I am so proud. 

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