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STEM News February 2024

House STEM Competition

Teams of Year 9 and 10 students worked hard over four weeks to create marble runs. The challenge was to keep a ping pong ball moving for the longest period of time and include as many cool design features as possible. As always, the ingenuity, creativity and hard work of our students was evident throughout. All the designs were completely different and lots of clever strategies were implemented to slow down those ping-pong balls, such as; speed bumps, spiralling journeys, spinning gates and bottle top stepping stones. Have a look at some of the winning designs. Well done to Prothero for coming in first place!

Ms Lusted, Stem Coordinator

Winner Prothero! 

(left to right)
Kirkman, Prothero, Wellman, Mabbs










Final Results
1st - Prothero

2nd - Mabbs
3rd - Wellman & Kirkman
4th - Collins
5th - Johnson