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Setting up devices & Safety/privacy settings on social media

Setting up devices

It can be difficult knowing all the different settings that are available on different devices to help protect children, this includes allowing or disallowing chat, friends, spending money, content filters and much more. On these pages from Internet Matters you will find the details, as well as
non-technical instructions, which will help you understand what is available to you and how to set up your child's devices.

Gaming consoles and devices


Broadband and mobile networks

Entertainment and search engines

Safety/privacy settings on social media

With many children and young people using social media it is important to understand what features are available to you to help protect your children. This is also important because for the most part, all privacy settings are default 'off' when a new account is created, but also because some social media providers change their features quite frequently, e.g. TikTok.
You can look at this link to see what is available to you and how to set up your child's social media. We would also advise doing this with your child so that you can discuss the features together.

Mr S Auckland, Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Head