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Useful Feature on YouTube & Personal Gmail Accounts

Useful Feature on YouTube & Personal Gmail Accounts

Useful new features on YouTube and YouTube Kids
YouTube is hugely popular, but historically parents haven't had a lot of control over what their children can/cannot watch. Things have changed and YouTube now gives parents and carers a greater degree of control. The page below has a few short videos of newer features that can help you on YouTube and YouTube Kids. 

Personal Gmail accounts
Parents and carers may also wish to encourage children to set up their own Gmail account to be able to manage accounts for children much more effectively e.g. managing the account via a Google Family Link. Once done, parents can set up 'Supervised Experience' on YouTube which gives the option of 3 levels of content filtering, based on the age of the child, and managing this from a single parental account. 

Please remember that students should not be using their BGS Gmail accounts for anything unrelated to school.

Happy New Year,

Mr S Auckland, Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Head