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Year 7 Media Correspondents Culture Day Report

On Friday 15th March, Culture Day was run by the SEAS and ACS which was lots of fun for everyone, with many activities throughout the day including biscuit decorating, a challenge to find country flags around the school, an international parade and food stalls!

As well as this, many students wore clothes from their home countries, showing classmates all about where they come from. We are all individuals in a big supportive group, and we respect everyone, and take the opportunity when given to learn about other cultures.

Culture day gives pupils the opportunity to celebrate and represent their cultures as well as a chance for everybody to embrace the customs, traditions and languages that make each culture unique.

Lily, Year 7, said “It was a great opportunity to learn about other people's cultures and heritages.”

Paige, Year 7, said “I really enjoyed culture day as it was a chance to celebrate other people's cultures and traditions.”

Aysu, Tanvi and Kendra, Year 7 Media Correspondents