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Year 7 House Drama & Dance

Before half-term on 7th February, House Drama took place and there were some impressive performances! Apart from being a great opportunity to perform, it's always fun to represent your house in a competition. From what has been said, it was an enjoyable experience which was great fun for everyone!  

Personally, I really enjoyed House Drama as it was a chance to get to know my House better and visualise what it would be like at BGS in my later years. I think all the Houses performed well and, overall, it was a fun and inspiring event.

Drake, Year 7

I enjoyed House Drama because we got to watch every House perform. They were all really amazing, and we all just had a fun time. My House (Kirkman) won, and we were all so happy.

Lakshi, Year 7

It seems like House Drama was an entertaining experience for all that participated, forming greater connections between peers and giving them the opportunity to socialise. It was also a great way to have a friendly competition and although Kirkman won, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Well done to everybody who participated!

Aysu and Charlotte, Year 7

House Drama/Dance is a House competition that is optional for any student of any year to collaborate and make a 5 - 8 minute extract from a list of plays. You will also have to choreograph some dance routines for the plays.

This year’s list was Shakespeare. Three Houses did ‘Twelfth Night’ and the other three did ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream’. As Wellman, we did A Midsummer Night's Dream. We had to spend a lot of time before school, after school, at break time and during lunch period. The past few weeks we have all put a lot of effort into performing different scenes, and forming two different dances together. It was very hard, as when we put everything together we were three minutes over, so we had to cut some lines, so we wouldn’t lose points. As Wellman Year 7s, we had a whole scene to ourselves and (we assure you) it was the funniest! We (7ML) were part of the mechanicals' scene, which I think we performed to perfection.

In the end, it all came to a great result: JOINT 2ND WITH MABBS! All together, the performances were extraordinarily amazing and no one should have finished 6th.

Congratulations to all the Houses!

Shashi, Year 7