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Students Celebrate the Chinese

If there is a Chinese celebration near one of our Chinese lessons our teacher, Miss Lu, will often arrange for a fun activity during the lesson. On October the 4th we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节!

To celebrate, we first learned the Chinese myths that surrounded the festival such as Hou Yi the mythical archer that shot nine of the ten suns to regain peace on earth. We also learned how to sing the famous traditional song 'Yue liang dai biao wo de xin  月亮代表我的心’ which translated to 'The moon represents my heart'. We also learned a bit of Chinese culture in the form of poetry, across China Li Bai 李白 is very well known to have written a very famous piece of poetry that honours the Moon Cake Festival It is called 'Jing Ye Shi' or 'Quiet Night Thoughts' 静夜思.

Finally, our teacher taught us how to make simple Chinese celebration Mooncakes that are often eaten at this festival. To make them we used cupcakes that we condensed into moulds that we then compressed to leave an imprint upon the cupcakes. Once popping them out of the mould they had a beautiful pattern on the top. In addition, we learned that in China they traditionally eat Mooncake and round fruits such as oranges or watermelon as this symbolises wholeness.

Catherine Hibbs 9JCM