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Enrichment Week 2017

As Year 9 and some Year 10 students jetted off to sunny climes after the success of the Summer Fayre, at BGS our annual Enrichment Week 2017 was also blessed with the summer sunshine. Lessons through the week were taught in double slots, allowing departments the flexibility and freedom to deliver sessions which deepen students’ understanding and extend their experience beyond the curriculum.

The Library was transformed by Mrs Carey into a CSI crime scene complete with police tape, bloody hand prints and murder victim chalk outline! Year 7 English groups turned super sleuths to research the clues and to work out “who dunnit”. 

Year 7s also journeyed further afield during the week to the London Docklands to complete fieldwork to support their learning on the regeneration of this area of London. Students walked through Canary Wharf and visited St. Katherine’s Dock and the Museum of London. 

Closer to home, for the Year 9s who remained in school, BGS became their film set as they participated in a Film project, learning about how to create meaning through camera shots and applying these new skills to 

storyboard and plan their own horror film openings. In just three days, they planned, shot and edited some impressive short films - who knows we may have a budding Martin Scorsese or Katherine Bigelow in our midst!

Year 12 students continued to work on their four A-Level subject options, but with their extended lessons there was time for experimentation and creative learning. Our Physicists could be seen building a “domino computer”, helping them to visualise what actually happens inside a computer, as well as lining the corridors outside the science rooms with bottles filled with water and using a radio controlled car to play the Mario Kart theme tune!

Enrichment Week comes at a time of year when our energy can be sapped by the weather and by our busy calendar of events, so it is always gratifying to see the buzz of excitement generated by the commitment of our teachers to provide alternative experiences for the students during this week. Well done to all who participated so enthusiastically!

Ms Hanington, Assistant Head