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MFL Trip to Oxford University

In May, the MFL Department ran their very first MFL trip to Oxford University with a selection of our Year 10 and Year 12 linguists. The focus of the trip was to give our most enthusiastic linguists a glimpse of the opportunities that studying languages at university could open, especially when combined with another subject in joint degrees. On the day, students had the chance to attend some very informative sessions led by Nicola Brown, School Liaison Officer at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, and Sarah Large, Outreach Program Coordinator at Mansfield College. After a taster lecture in literature, our group met two BGS alumni, Lucas and Harry, for a private tour of Hertford College.

Our students were not only inspired by the academic sessions but also by the personal stories and experiences shared by the student ambassadors and our BGS alumni. The opportunity to explore the beautiful and historic campus of Oxford University was an unforgettable experience that has sparked a newfound motivation and curiosity in our linguists. Witnessing their excitement and engagement throughout the day was incredibly rewarding.

Ms Giglione and Dr Symons
MFL Department

On the 17th May, I, along with 24 other Year 10 language leaders and Year 12s, visited Mansfield College (Oxford University). When we arrived at the college, after a brief walk through the beautiful grounds, we were offered biscuits and refreshments, which we enjoyed outside under the shade of parasols in the warm sun. Afterwards, we attended a lecture where we learnt about the process of applying to university and the various opportunities and jobs that having a language degree offered, which included careers in law, advertising and education. Shortly after, there was a Q&A with three Oxford students, which I found immensely interesting and learnt that studying languages involves a lot of culture as well as literature, which made me more eager to continue to learn languages in the future.

After the lectures, we were taken around the college for a tour, where we saw the beautiful library as well as the impressive artwork of some Oxford students which were decorated around the corridors, some of which were celebrating the anniversary of when women were first admitted into the university. We then attended a seminar, where we analysed an 18th Century text, which gave us a fascinating insight into the literature segment of studying languages at university, which was shortly followed by a tour of Hertford College led by two BGS alumni; Harry and Lucas.

The trip was an excellent opportunity for me to understand the experience and enjoyment which comes with studying languages at university, as well as providing a general overview of the application process of university - I definitely recommend this to anyone who is given the opportunity to go on this trip!

Hana Ostrowski, Year 10

It was incredibly interesting to have an early look at how Modern Foreign Languages are studied at Oxford University and what daily life for students is like throughout its different colleges. A highlight for me was the academic taster session, where we were split into different groups and given a text translated from French. From there, we then had to find and use specific details from it in order to gather inferences about its origin, context and story. Listening to different interpretations from different groups shows us how diverse our individual understanding of linguistics can be.

Berad Musov, Year 10

The trip to Oxford University was an amazing experience. Visiting Mansfield College was extremely inspirational. We got to learn about the courses they offered, student life and even had a taster lesson. We then visited Hertford college. There we also saw the dorms, dining hall and its chapel. It was altogether a great experience. Thank you to Dr Symons and Miss Giglione for taking the time to put this trip together.

Caitlyn Osei-Tutu

Please click on the link here to view the MFL Trip to Oxford University.