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A Magical Evening with Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest'

Our school auditorium was filled with excitement and enchantment as our talented students from Year 7 to Year 9 took to the stage to perform William Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest'. This production captivated an audience of proud parents and eager primary school students, leaving everyone spellbound by the young actors' impressive skills and infectious enthusiasm.

From the moment the curtain rose, our young performers brought Shakespeare’s characters to life with dance numbers from Usher and Bruno Mars to complement Shakespeare’s complex storyline.  The lighting and sound was operated and designed by talented Year 9 students: Jack Blowfield, Wyatt Knox- Newman, and Rowan Banks. Amelia Younis-Jordan created captivating projections to help transport us to the mystical island where magic and adventure await.

Not only did the whole of Year 7 get the chance to see this show, but so did 3 primary schools. The cast rose to the challenge of adapting to their new surroundings. For many of the Year 4 to 6 pupils, it was their first encounter with Shakespeare, and the young cast made the 400-year-old text engaging and exciting. The primary students watched in awe, inspired by the performances of their older peers and perhaps imagining themselves on stage in the future at Bexley Grammar School.

Backstage, the camaraderie and teamwork amongst the students were palpable. This production has not only honed their acting skills but also fostered friendships and a sense of community. They supported each other through every scene change led by a new team of stage managers: Kitt (Year 9), Anushka (Year 8), Naina (Year 8), Beth (Year 12) and Ify (Year 12), embodying the true spirit of collaboration. The illuminating make-up was designed by a team of Year 12: Elena, Ananya and Arienne, with the amazing costume led by Mrs Ellis' vision and implemented by Millie, Oliver and Louis. Not to forget the transfixing choreography in the opening sequence and the enchanting “Sweet Dreams” by Leandrah Fadiga and whipped into shape by Claudia Baker.

Thank you to all who attended and supported “The Tempest” and especially to the talented cast who performed 6 shows in 2 days to a variety of different audiences- I am very proud.

Miss Gabriel, Drama and Theatre Studies Department

Student Testaments

‘I loved the experience!’

I loved doing “The Tempest”! I loved the experience, like all the other school plays I have done. It is really fun when we go on tour and I enjoyed performing in front of the primary schools. I just loved going to rehearsals, costumes, lighting and the people in it!

The Year 7 to 9 Shakespeare plays are amazing as only students from 7 to 9 can audition and so, in my opinion, you have a better chance of getting more lines and a bigger role than, let’s say, the school play. Overall, I really enjoyed it and recommend any Year 7s and 8s to audition next year!

Grace Shaw, Year 8

‘On tour filled me with adrenaline’

In all honesty, at the beginning, rehearsals felt somewhat like a chore. However, looking back now, I realise that missing out on this experience would have been a grave and utter mistake: I loved it; performing gave such an exhilarating thrill. I found myself buzzing with anticipation, eager to get on stage and leave all our hard work out there. Arriving at the primary schools and seeing the excitement of our audiences on tour filled me with adrenaline; for our evening show, the atmosphere was just electric with the lighting and set igniting the play to another level.

These productions build a community amongst students across all year groups who have a common denominator: theatre. Tears were shed, joy was shared but above all, friendships were formed. 3 months ago, I would have never thought that something so different from what I'm used to would bring pure ecstasy.'

P.S. Thank you, Miss, for not letting me quit the show :)

Adebola Olateru, Year 9

‘I can’t wait to find out what play we will be doing next year

Being part of the tempest was like being in a secret society. I loved performing at different primary schools and partying backstage after each success. I can’t wait to find out what play we will be doing next year and I know that I will do it next year and I encourage you to as well!

Kendra Kukunda, Year 7

‘It feels like one big family, rehearsing twice a week’

I loved performing in the Year 7-9 Shakespeare plays because the whole time you are working with people who are around the same age as you and have common interests. It feels like one big family, rehearsing twice a week, for up to two hours, and working up to your big performance day! Being 'Caliban' was the absolute best, as I got to portray the role of a sometimes drunk, funny and sometimes scared monster.

Princess Regina Otto, Year 8