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BGS University places

7 BGS students to Oxbridge, 63% of BGS students at Russell Group universities and 23/24 Russell Group universities represented.

As students return to us at the start of a new academic year (with a new year 7 and some new students joining our old year 11 to make up a new year 12), we take a moment to celebrate where our departed year 13 students are going in the next few weeks.

We are delighted to see 7 of our students heading off to Oxford and Cambridge. Jenni Lake, Kylie Li, Alexia Loizou and Alex Saward are going to Oxford and Yingfei Chen, Sam Gee and Alex Offen are off to Cambridge.

A staggering 63% of our students gained places at Russell Group universities and, proudly, we have at least one student attending 23 out of the 24 prestigious universities which make up this group. (The only exception is Belfast.) BGS has 19 students at Nottingham, 12 at King's College London, 9 at Southampton, 9 at Warwick, 7 at Queen Mary University of London, 7 at Leeds, 6 at Birmingham… the list goes on. We are also delighted to see 10 of our students at Loughborough and several into prestigious degree apprenticeships including Commerzbank, BDO and Deloitte.

6 students are studying medicine, 2 pharmacy, 2 optometry, 1 paramedic science and 21 students are reading other sciences. We have 13 doing engineering, 10 law, 12 PPE, politics or international studies, 12 English and 10 psychology. 45 students are pursuing accounting, business or economics, 7 geography, 6 languages and 5 computer science alongside many other courses including animation, criminology and curating.

Bexley Grammar students are heading off to some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, equipped with a world-class IB education and following a huge range of individual choices. This is the end point towards which we all work at BGS, the destinations which set students on their paths in life.