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Oxbridge success again!

Oxbridge success again!

I am delighted to announce that ten students, (seven students from the current Year 13 and three students from last year) have received offers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. These are remarkable successes - congratulations to the following students:

Sarah Cotter (IB, MFL - Oxford)
Liliana Hennessy (IB, MFL - Oxford)
Molly Johnson (IB, English - Oxford)
Sophie King (AL, History - Cambridge)
Nana Kwarteng (IB, Architecture - Cambridge)
Sapphira McBride (IB, Psychology - Oxford)
Eris Nishku (IB, MFL - Oxford)
Ruth Osagiator-Obode (AL, last year, Economics - Oxford)
Menaka Santhakumar (AL last year, Medicine - Oxford)
Amelia Stevenson (IB last year, Classics - Cambridge).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Stoddard for her tireless commitment to the Oxbridge programme in school. She has a wonderful team, of course, but I would like to acknowledge her personal investment and expertise in this extremely competitive process which enables our students to access such prestigious opportunities.

Mr Elphick