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Year 7 - My experience of the Fresher’s Fayre

What did you do on Thursday 21st September?

Yesterday I went along to the Fresher’s Fayre. The Fayre is an opportunity to find out about different clubs that go on around the school.

What stalls did you visit?

I visited quite a few stalls like the creative writing club which is basically where you develop your writing skills in a fun way. I also visited the Christian union table during this club, you played a game ate some food and prayed. Finally, I visited the Geography table this one is about the earth and things to do with it.

What was your favourite club?

My favourite club was the Japanese club as it was very interesting and sounded quite exciting! Also, I don’t really know much about Japan and their cultures so it will be a good opportunity to learn stuff about them.

How did this help you?

It gave me a wider range of activities that I can participate in other than the most obvious ones, e.g. Football, Netball, Music, etc. Going to new clubs will give me the opportunity to get to meet new people.

Finally, I believe the Fresher’s Fayre is a really good idea as it helps the Year 7s with the transition.

Lily Hewitt, 7MPJ

On Thursday 21st September, our year group was invited to The Fresher’s Fair. This is an event set up by the school where students have the chance to join different clubs. It was nice as it reminded me of a marketplace with the stalls that the clubs set up in. 

Even though it was about ten minutes, it was a great experience as you got to know the different clubs that take place around the school. There were Geography Club, Japanese Club, Drama Club and many more exciting things for you to sign up to. I signed up to the Creative Writing Club and might be going to Christian Union as these two clubs appealed to me the most.

I definitely think The Fresher’s Fayre is a great opportunity to see the clubs of Bexley Grammar and the lovely people in them; I hope that one day, I will have the chance to put up a stall and help others to enjoy their time at Bexley Grammar.

Dezel Doherty, 7MPJ