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Scholarship Success

The Arkwright Scholarship prize is one of the most prestigious ones out there for Secondary School children. Over 1500 pupils apply in the UK and with around 400 places for students from 900+ schools competition for places is tough. I have real pleasure in announcing our first ever Arkwright student. We are really proud to announce Mark Hawes was successful after a rigorous process of application, exam and interview. He will receive a generous bursary and support from a leading engineer during his studies up to university. Below is Mark’s response in his own words

How does it feel to win the prize?

At first, I was quite surprised to receive a scholarship because I wasn't expecting it and now that I actually have a scholarship, it feels great and gives me a good sense of accomplishment.

What will it mean?

It will give me access to opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable (for example, Engineering experience days and university based VIP receptions.) In addition, it will give me access to a mentor to help me during my time in the sixth form and it will give me the chance to meet people in my desired career field. 

Which is most valuable the money or the Engineering Mentor?

For me, the Engineering Mentor will be most valuable because they will help me to develop my knowledge in the field of Engineering which will help me in the future.

Have you always been interested in Science and Design?

I have always been interested in Design, but recently have become increasingly more interested in Science and am considering a career in Engineering.

What other interests do you have?

I am interested in Maths, as well as a variety of sporting activities.

What was the best bit of the process?

I think that the best part of the process was going to the interview because I got to meet people in a similar position to me and to take part in activities relating to the scholarship. And finally it gave me experience with interviews which will help me in the future.

What was the most challenging?

I think that preparing for the interview was the most challenging because you don't know what to expect, so it is hard to feel fully prepared for the interview. And I had very little experience of going into interviews which made the whole process even more challenging. 

You had to attend an interview at Imperial College, where you met lots of other bright hopefuls. Was this intimidating?

In a way, it was intimidating to begin with because everyone there all had the same aims, and we were competing against each other. But after speaking to some of the other candidates I felt a lot more comfortable.

Would you recommend the process explain why? 

The process was a lot harder than I had expected, and required a lot of time and effort. But overall I would recommend it because even if you are unsuccessful, the experience that comes with the process is invaluable.

Mark will be returning to BGS to study the IB Diploma. He will be happy to talk to any Year 9 and 10 pupils who wish to apply for Arkwright Scholarships next year.