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Sixth Form Induction Days ~ June 2024

Bexley Grammar School recently hosted 2 Induction Days on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th June. Over 400 students, including 200 of our own, from schools across the South East attended a highly successful event. Thanks to Miss Roberts and Mrs Aspill for the coordination and planning of the days, the current Year 12s for their friendliness and support on the day and with all the staff involved in supporting sign in, planning and delivering sessions for these prospective students.

Mr Martin - Head of Sixth Form

Induction day at BGS was so enlightening, even being an existing student, it was so exciting to try out the Sixth Form areas (SFC and K1) and meet all the new students. We were dressed in our new Sixth Form clothes, and it was great to see everyone looking so much older and ready for September. I really enjoyed being a tour guide for the new students and showing them all the best parts of BGS.

We started the day with an escape room activity, where we were randomly put into groups and had to crack many puzzles, padlocks and clues to get the secret code to open the final safe. Unfortunately, my group came 20th… last place, but it was a great icebreaker and a lovely surprise for induction day.

We also had subject tasters for the higher subjects we will be taking next year, which was so interesting considering that is what a day in our lives will be like from September. Another highlight was the taster TOK session, which was run by our amazing Senior Prefect Team and involved many debates and discussions.

I really hope to see all of Year 11 back at BGS next year and I can’t wait to find out what’s to come next year…

Matilda Jackson, Year 11

On Tuesday and Wednesday I had the pleasure of helping out with the Year 12 Induction Days. I started each day helping guide the incoming Year 12 students to their assigned rooms in the morning.  It was nostalgic seeing them all in the same position I was in just a year earlier, and seeing how quickly Year 12 had gone! The Escape Room activity in the morning was a joy to watch, and I was around the room helping out any teams that needed it. As both days went on, along with some of the other Senior Prefects, we ran the TOK taster sessions and each session brought up different ideas and questions from the students that made me further appreciate the spirit of debate that Theory of Knowledge brings out of students, including myself.

Speaking to the incoming Year 12s about the IB and BGS life in general and helping answer any of their queries was an incredibly fulfilling role and one that I enjoyed immensely. We ended each day off with a subject fayre which gave me the great opportunity to speak to some of the students about two of my higher level subjects in order to give them a better perspective into what it would be like studying them. The Induction Days were two incredibly productive days on which I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to help assist!

Princela Mensah, Year 12