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New Designers July 2019

On Thursday 4th July, I took a group of Year 12 and 10 Design Students to the New Designers Show. This is an exhibition where some of the top designers and engineers get to show their work and the best universities promote their courses. This trip was to allow our students to research methods, materials and ideas for their Independent making projects.    

The second motive was to inspire them to think about engineering or design as a future career path as there is currently a world shortage of engineers. The students get the time to speak to the class of 2019 graduates as well as to students who have been successful in the world of design since leaving university. This year, both aims came together perfectly as we ran into BGS student Kane Fernandes.

A recent graduate invited to show his work and talk about his business in design which is already up and running. Kane was a former IB student who swopped from business to design engineering once arriving at University. He spoke with such passion and joy about his future it was inspirational to our current pupils. Thank you Kane and best wishes for a successful future in design.

Miss Francis, DT Department