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Subjects - A level

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Advanced Levels

Students choose four A Level subjects from the list below as well as one subject for Curriculum Enrichment. As with the IB, students should follow their interests and enjoyment of a subject. 

University Admissions together with Employers recommend strongly that students selects subjects that complement each other. You must seek further advice both from staff in School and on University Website before making your final selection of four subjects from the list below.



Art Textiles


Business Studies*


Classical Civilisation

Drama & Theatre Studies*


English Literature*


Further Mathematics



Government & Politics


Information & Communications Technology





Music Technology

Physical Education*


Product Design



* Indicates new linear courses that will be assessed at the end of Year 13.

Notes and Advice

• Although all subjects require B grades, as stated in the Admissions Policy, the following require a minimum GCSE grade A: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, German and Spanish. Students with grades lower than these will need to discuss their options with their subject teacher before completing the application form.
• As well as the minimum grades detailed above it is advised that Physics is best studied in partnership with Mathematics and that Chemistry is best studied in partnership with either Biology or Physics. It should be noted that Further Mathematics can only be studied in partnership with Mathematics.
• Many of the creative subjects have high coursework demands. Students should consider their ability to work independently before selecting more than one of these.
• Students can take either Art or Art Textiles.
The Product Design course can be taken specialising in Graphics, Resistant Materials or Food.
• All courses are offered subject to uptake.
• Students will need a minimum standard Grade 5 on one instrument to study Music.


Curriculum Enrichment

In addition to four A levels students will also follow an enrichment course from a selection offered. These will be finalised during our Sixth Form Induction at the end of June.