Congratulations Year 13!

Bexley Grammar School Year 13 students have excelled themselves again in their post-16 success. Combining A levels grades with International Baccalaureate Diploma equivalents, over 20% (1 in 5) of grades were A*s and 69% were A*-B grades.

142 students gained 498 A levels while 103 students gained the IB Diploma (93% of these IB students already had their first or second choice of Universities confirmed before A level results were published). When combined and expressed as A level equivalents, all 245 students gained a staggering average of 151 new UCAS points each, the equivalent of achieving 1A* and 2 As at A level or a 4 A level equivalence of nearly 4 B grades.

At A level, one in five grades was an A* or an A and 35% of students gained the UCAS equivalent of 3 A grades. Sophie Tyler achieved a perfect 4 A* grades, including mathematics and two languages. Philip Hagelberg, Roshni Patel and Ella Tournes each gained 1 A*, 2 As and a B. 46 students achieved at least 3 A*-B grades and 61% of students achieved 4 A levels.

In the IB, 14% of all the grades were at level 7,  our highest in 5 years for these elusive top grades (nearly double the worldwide average).  Daniya Baiguzhayeva achieved the perfect maximum point score of 45, a startling achievement; last year only 201 students out of about 150,000 students (0.1%) from across the world achieved this perfect score. In addition, Thomas Booker achieved 44 points,  Isobel Robb, Maya Kirby, Joshua Masters and Sam Sherr gained 43 and Lisa Clinch, Zoe Greenwood, Chloe Grewal and Robert Grogan scored 42 points. 81% of all the grades were at the higher grades of 5, 6 or 7.

These grades sustain Bexley Grammar School’s remarkable success rate in gaining university places, which this year includes 9 Oxbridge places and at least 40 percent at Russell Group universities. Well over 95% of students have their places at a university secured as at 11.00am on Thursday 17th August.

Congratulations to all BGS students and their teachers who should be extremely proud, as should their parents. Good luck to all students as they embark on the next exciting chapter in their lives.

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