Students Celebrate The Chinese New Year & Lantern Festival

Our Chinese lessons are not only covering writing and speaking, but our teacher, Miss Lu has created fun and educational lessons where we learn about the culture, food and different sayings in Chinese such as 大吉大利‘good luck’ (da ji da li). 
Most recently we celebrated the Chinese lantern festival, this is a special day symbolizing the Chinese New Year by organizing parades with very impressive floats decorated with lights depicting dragons and, this year especially, Roosters as this year is the year of the rooster. 
In the lesson we started off with a fun pop quiz about the lantern festival. The questions were very difficult, but we learned a lot. Then our teacher introduced us to some Chinese riddles where we had to find out which character it was describing, we then had a chance to come up with our own riddles and test our partners.
After we made up our riddles we wrote them on a piece of red paper and turned the paper into some pretty lanterns. Miss Lu then gave us four traditional sticky rice balls each which she told us was to symbolize the four seasons, or could be interpreted as wishing us luck all year round. The rice balls were gooey, sweet and delicious.
These lessons are not only fun but educational as they teach us the Chinese culture as well as the language, it helps us understand what may go on in someone else's life and lets us experience it. I enjoy these lessons and I hope that other language lessons will start to also explore the culture as well.
Catherine Hibbs, Year 8

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