An Unexpected Turn of Events

After starting our day with one of us arriving ridiculously early and the other being stuck on the tube due to problems on the line we ended up having a series of amazing events happen. Whilst Finley sat outside Westminster Palace with a hot chocolate he managed to come across some people who were to attend the breakfast reception for ‘The Careers & Enterprise Company’ and they kindly offered for him to join them for some breakfast. Luckily George was left an invite to pick up when he arrived as to not leave him out on all the fun. After some networking to start the event George finally arrived 19 minutes into the start of the event. After sheepishly walking in and getting to his seat, he was inundated with business cards from people such as the vice-chairman of KPMG and Lord Young’s personal assistants. During the final speech, we even received a ‘shout out’ as some young people ready to mingle and network. The woman giving the speech, asked colleagues to make sure they gave us their business cards, as she was sure we were likely to be top dogs in many of the fields of work all of the attendees were from.
We were able to talk to Lord David Young, one of the benefactors to the organisation whose event it was. He was extremely nice and even offered to try and get us into Prime Minister's Question Time which was the main reason we were going to Westminster for our UCAS day. He also graciously took us on a private tour around the House of Lords, including many of the areas which are not usually open to the public, even taking us to the chambers. As we walked to the admissions office to try and secure tickets for Prime Minister’s Questions, he talked to us about what it was like to have served in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet as Secretary of State for Employment.
To end an amazing and unexpected day we managed to gain entry to Prime Minister’s Questions only after having a chat with some of the people we had met at the function before the speaker's procession was held. We managed to see high Profile MP’s such as the PM Theresa May as well as Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Ed Miliband, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Andrea Leadsome to name but a few. Speaker of the House John Bercow was of course cracking jokes during the proceedings.
Overall, it was an amazing day, and a massive turn of events, as we assumed we would not even be able to get into Westminster Palace let alone have breakfast with a Lord, have a private tour of the House Of Lords by Lord Young and see Prime Minister's Questions.
George Ross & Finley Barry, Year 12

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