ECM Day - Year 8 Europa Town Event

During ECM day on Wednesday 25th January, all of the Year 8s visited Europa Town, a multicultural marketplace set up in the hall for one day only. Here, they could practise their French or German by buying clothes, groceries and medicine (all fake, don’t worry), as well as very real ice-cream and croissants.
When they first arrived, the Year 8s went to passport control, where they received a ‘credit card’ and plastic bag in exchange for answering a few questions in their language, which shouldn’t have been a complicated task, but for the fact that nobody could hear anything through the window at the booth, causing us eventually to abandon the stall and stand in front of it. They then went on to the other stalls, manned by a combination of Year 11s, Sixth Formers, teachers and assistants. At these stalls, they could buy whatever they wanted, simply by asking for the product and reading out the numbers on their credit card, all in French or German, of course.
The Year 8s all had a great time practising their languages in such an immersive way, and it was very entertaining for the store managers to see the unusual and slightly bizarre outfits put together after visits to the clothing store. Thank you to all the teachers that made Europa Town happen, and all of the students for their eagerness and enthusiasm. 
Lucy Sargent, Year 11

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