Young Enterprise Team at the Euroclear Trade Fair

At the end of last term, 4 members of this year’s Young Enterprise Team attended a trade fair in Central London at Euroclear. In preparation, we had to design and print flyers, posters and create samples of our product.
The product is an extremely original and creative idea. We have decided to target an audience of parents by introducing a thermochromic toothbrush. This means that the handle will change colour when it is heated slightly.  The aim of this product is to encourage children to brush their teeth for longer and more frequently and in turn discourage unhealthy dental hygiene.  We believe this idea will captivate the attention of many parents who know their children struggle with brushing their teeth, let alone for long enough.
At the trade fair we aimed to raise some funds by selling Christmas decorations, but the main benefit of our team was the ability to gather market research.  We even had the opportunity to showcase our talents to Young Enterprise organisers who were so impressed they presented us with an award for the Best Sales Team - absolutely astounding!
The Young Enterprise Team is grateful for all of the support the school has given, including those who have purchased pastries in cake sales and are happy to have such a supportive school.  We would also like to say thank you to Tesco and their community champion who helped with our bake sales. Watch this space for more news of our toothbrushes…
Tyreece Jacobs, Year 12

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